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What’s the difference between KXG tennis court glass and non-branded tennis court glass

  • مصدر:KXG
  • الافراج عن:2022-05-26

The tempered glass from the KXG factory meets the certifications required for tennis courts. In addition, through strict quality control process, our زجاج صلب has the following characteristics.

صerfect Flatness

Glass for tennis courts The glass for badminton courts should have a uniform surface to facilitate the rebound of the sliding ball. Therefore, it has strict requirements on the flatness of tempered glass. So how to ensure the perfect flatness of tempered glass?

Tennis Courts With Countersunk Holes tempered glass

The flatness of the glass itself is mainly determined by the quality of float glass production and tempered glass processing. First, high-quality float glass is the foundation. KXG has cooperated with many large float glass companies such as Xinyi, Taiwan Glass, CSG and GGG لعدة سنوات.

The float glass manufacturers we work with have mature production processes to ensure the flatness of float glass. We also have our own float glass warehouse with strict inspection system to ensure the supply of high quality float glass.

Another important part of tempered glass flatness will be the tempering equipment and process. The tempering equipment at the KXG plant has a heating balance in the furnace that achieves convection heating, and it has a precise temperature control system and an automatic cooling air system. Therefore, it eliminates temperature differences and avoids bending of the glass, all done by professionals.

float glass warehouse building glass process factory

سلامة أناnsurance

الحرارة نقع test is a necessary process for tempered glass. It can reduce the self-exposure rate of tempered glass. The KXG factory has a special heat soak test machine, which can heat-نقع the glass according to the customer's requirements to reduce the rate of self-explosion.

دقيق دimensions

KXG 's manufacturing standards are higher than the requirements of the EN12150-1 document. In addition, our tempered glass has precise cutting dimensions through highly automated computational cutting machines.

Fلات صolished Edges

tennis court glass polish edge tempered glass

A flat polished edge protects from damage and makes the glass a beautiful piece. مع ال edge grinding and polishing machine, the glass edge is ground to a bright edge.

الجمال Holes

During the drilling process, holes or slots are punched or slotted into the glass panels with professional drilling equipment. All hole openings are chamfered to eliminate micro cracks.

Tennis Courts With Countersunk Holes tempered glass

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