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6mm blue tinted tempered glass manufacturer-buy 6mm light blue toughened glass6mm blue tinted tempered glass manufacturer-buy 6mm light blue toughened glass6mm blue tinted tempered glass manufacturer-buy 6mm light blue toughened glass6mm blue tinted tempered glass manufacturer-buy 6mm light blue toughened glass

6mm blue tinted tempered glass manufacturer-buy 6mm light blue toughened glass

  • 1.Product name: 6mm ford blue tempered glass, 6mm light blue tempered glass-6mm ford blue toughened glass
  • 2.Quality: Grade A, no bubble, no scratch, high precise flatness
  • 3.Feature: 4-5 times stronger than normal annealed glass, and human harmless when broken
  • 4.Special processing, like holes ,flat edge, polished edge, ogee edge, all need to be finished before tempering
  • 5.Application: Use as safety glass balustrade, decorative table top glass, kitchen counter top glass, etc.
  • 6.Production time: within 15 days after the order is confirmed
  • 7.Solar control, energy saving glass, safety decorative glass
  • 8.Strong export plywood crates with steel belt

CE certified Australia standard 6mm light blue sea blue tinted tempered glass window


6mm light blue tempered glass

6mm light blue tempered glass, also known as 6mm light blue tempered glass, light blue tempered glass, processed with high quality 6mm light blue float glass. With grade A, high precision flatness, no bubbles, no scratches, high light transmission. It is a solar absorbing glass,safety decorative glass, very suitable for use as a laminated glass 6mm light blue and another glass panel, insulating glass 6mm blue and another glass panel. Widely used in windows, doors, curtain walls, table tops, railings,skylights, etc.


Blue tinted glass

Advantages of 6mm blue tempered glass panel

1. Safety: 6mm blue tempered glass panel,if damaged by external force, is especially small and harmless to the human body.

2. Stronger: 6mm blue tempered hardened glass, 4-5 times stronger than 6mm blue float glass.

3. Protect from UV rays and protect furniture from fading.

4. Reduce sun glare and heat transfer.

5. Solar control and energy saving glass.

6. Drilling, cutting, edge machining, allspecial processing needs to be done before tempering.


6mm Ford blue tempered hardened glass features

1. Other thicknesses are available in 4mm 5mm 8mm 10mm.

2. The glass shape has a flat shape and a curved shape.

3. CE certified tempered glass. Ideal for 6+ 6mm light blue tempered laminated glass, 6 + 6mm light blue tempered glass.


Color tinted insulated glass build

6mm color tempered glass application

1. Widely used in windows, doors, glass shelves, display cabinets, etc.

2. Produce 6 + 6mm color tempered laminated glass, widely used in windows, doors, curtain walls, roofs, railings, handrails, table tops, etc.

3. 6mm color tempered glass, 6 + 6mm color tempered insulating glass, widely used in curtain wall, storefront, railing, skylight, roof and so on.


In addition to 6mm light blue tempered glass, Kunxing Glass can also produce high quality transparent tempered glass, ultra-transparent tempered glass, green tempered glass, bronze tempered glass, gray tempered glass of different thickness.



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