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China factory no fingerprint glass 6+1.52+6 mm acid etched tempered safety glassChina factory no fingerprint glass 6+1.52+6 mm acid etched tempered safety glassChina factory no fingerprint glass 6+1.52+6 mm acid etched tempered safety glassChina factory no fingerprint glass 6+1.52+6 mm acid etched tempered safety glass

China factory no fingerprint glass 6+1.52+6 mm acid etched tempered safety glass

  • 1.Glass name:acid etched tempered glass,frosted toughened glass,translucent tempered safety glass,semi transparent hard glass
  • 2.Glass type:clear acid etched glass,ultra clear acid etched glass
  • 3.Glass shape: flat or curved acid etched frosted tempered glass
  • 4.Glass size: the max size up to 3300*13000mm,any customized size can be made
  • 5.Strong export plywood crates with steel belt for safety transportation
  • 6.Production time: around 10-15 days after the order is confirmed
  • 7.Brand name KXG Glass

Factory price shower doorno fingerprint glass 6+1.52+6 mm acid etched tempered safety glass

frosted laminated glass

China factory 6+1.52+6mm acid etched tempered glass, 6+1.52+6mm tempered frosted glass,6+1.52+6mm translucent toughened glass, 6+1.52+6mm obscure tempered safety glass, which is produced by excellent quality 6+1.52+6mm acid etched float glass, privacy glass with anti-finger printed function, the surface of the glass has been chemically-created, the finish is extremely durable, and can’t be washed or scratched off, one of the most safety glass, have no harmful for people, widely used as decorative shower door glass, interior partition wall glass, table top glass, balustrade glass, etc.

frosted safety tempered laminated glass

The features of 6+1.52+6 mm acid etched tempered glass

1. Thickness: except for 6+6mm, others available in 4-19mm, such as 8mm acid etched tempered glass, 10mm frosted tempered glass, 15mmm acid etched toughened glass, etc.
2. Size: max size reach up to 3300*13000mm, any customized size can be made.
3. Glass type: clear glass or ultra clear glass, there are clear acid etched tempered glass or ultra clear frosted tempered safety glass
4. Special processing: bent, heat soaked, silkscreen printed, all can be finished before tempering. Drill holes, polished edge, beveled edge, ogee edge, logo printed, all can be made perfectly for you.

acid etched frosted laminated glass

Advantages of 6+1.52+6mm non-fingerprint tempered glass?

1. Decorative the home, acid etched tempered glass can helps to create a unique feeling of warm and elegance by diffusing light and emitting a certain purity of color and light.
2. Provides privacy by obscuring unwanted attention, without compromising light levels.
3. Smooth surface the glass not mark with dirt and fingerprints, does not scratch off like coatings.
4. Much security:  6+1.52+6mm frosted tempered glass, more resistant to breakage, when it is broken by outside force, the small chunks which are less likely to harm than 12mm frosted glass with sharp shape.
5. Much stronger: more than 4-5 times stronger than 12mm acid etched float glass
6. High precise flatness, easy for install, clean and maintain.
7. Meet European standard, CE certificate NO: NB0336

15mm acid etched frosted glass

KXG acid etched frosted laminated glass

Applications of  6+1.52+6mm frosted acid etched tempered glass

CE certified  6+1.52+6mm frosted acid etched tempered glass, it is available in  6+1.52+6mm clear frosted tempered glass, 6+1.52+6mm ultra clear acid etched tempered glass,  6+1.52+6mm silkscreen printed acid etched tempered glass, widely used for home and offices, for example:

1. Glass partition wall, sliding door glass, shower door glass, acid etched balustrade glass, etc.
2. Aesthetic glass table tops, etc. 

acid etched frosted shower door glass



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