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China high quality silk screen lacquered glass wall factoryChina high quality silk screen lacquered glass wall factoryChina high quality silk screen lacquered glass wall factoryChina high quality silk screen lacquered glass wall factory

China high quality silk screen lacquered glass wall factory

  • 1. Product name: China high quality Lacquered glass wall factory
  • 2. Glass surface is flat and smooth, easy to clean, easy and low cost to replace when damage
  • 3. Glass type : clear float glass, ultra-clear float glass
  • 4. Drill holes, safety corners and polished edges could be produced
  • 5. Shape: square, oval, round, rectangle, other irregular
  • 6. Sample: Free
  • 7. Widely used for table top glass, balustrade glass, partition wall, shower door, coffee tables, conference room tables, etc.
  • 8. Production time within 15 days after order confirmation

Chinabest quality lacquered glass wall factory 

The lacquered glass wall, also known as the stained glass wall, the pedestal glass wall, and the lacquered glass wall. It uses top quality transparent float glass or low iron float glass to permanently bond the paint to the glass by depositing a highly durable and durable paint on a flat, smooth surface and then carefully baking into a constant temperature oven. on. The lacquered glass has all the features of the original float glass, while also offering wonderful opaque and colorful decorative applications.

Lacquered glass and silk screen glasslacquered glass and silk screen glass

Lacquered glass wall features

• Waterproof and moisture resistant,
• Use lead-free safety paint, the human body is harmless and environmentally friendly,
• The painted surface is smooth and easy to clean,
• Provides wonderful translucent and colorful decorations.

The difference between lacquer glass and screen printing glass

• Both lacquered glass and mesh glass are decorative glass that can be used in any color and any pattern. 

• The surface of the lacquered glass is easily scratched, but the surface of the woven glass is strong and difficult to scrape off.
Painted glass has all the functions of original float glass, screen printing glass has all the functions of tempered glass.
• Due to the durable surface, lacquered glass is most commonly used indoors, and screen-printed glass is most commonly used outdoors.
• Produce lacquered glass by depositing lacquer on glass and bake it into a furnace, producing screen-printed glass on glass by screen printing ceramic frit coating, then drying and heat treatment.
• The surface of the lacquered glass is smooth and flat, and the surface of the wire mesh glass is less contaminated by heat treatment.

The lacquered glass table that KXG can product 

• Glass thickness: 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
• Shape: round, rectangular, square, oval, track oval, irregular shape
• Edge: flat polished edges, round polished edges, beveled edges, OG edges, etc.
• Corners: angles, corners, corners, etc.

Lacquered glass wall

Other application

• Family dining table and kitchen counter
• Coffee table and coffee table
• Restaurant table and hotel room table
• Meeting room table and meeting room table



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