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Excellent Quality Toughened Laminated Glass Skylight Factory ChinaExcellent Quality Toughened Laminated Glass Skylight Factory ChinaExcellent Quality Toughened Laminated Glass Skylight Factory ChinaExcellent Quality Toughened Laminated Glass Skylight Factory China

Excellent Quality Toughened Laminated Glass Skylight Factory China

  • 1.Produce name: Excellent Quality Toughened Laminated Glass Skylight Factory China
  • 2.Glass type:transparency tempered laminated glass,tinted tempered laminated glass
  • 3.Function: Energy saving, heat proof, sound proof, make interior cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter
  • 4.Certification: CE/EN12150, AS/NZS 2208, ANSI Z97.1
  • 5.Advantages of tempered laminated glass for skylight: high strength,high safety,customized design,etc.
  • 6.Glass shape:flat,curve,square,etc.
  • 7.Processing: CNC drill holes,cut notches,polished edges,etc.
  • 8.Packaging:Strong export plywood crates with steel belt

Manufacturer wholesale price high quality tempered laminated glass skylight supplier

Skylight glass are becoming more and more popular for use in architecture. It not only meets the energy efficiency required by society, but also makes the building look more attractive. You can choose the special design that suits your skylight: the shape can be a flat glass sunroof or a curved glass sunroof; the color can be transparent, green, blue, bronze, any color; safety glass can be used for laminated glass and laminated insulating glass.

Toughened laminated skylight glass building

Toughened laminated glass for skylights
High quality tempered laminated glass consisting of two tempered glass and PVB films. It is a safety glass for skylights or roofs. The glass type colors are: transparent tempered glass, ultra clear tempered glass, gray tempered glass, bronze tempered glass, green tempered glass, blue tempered glass, and the like.

Advantages of skylight glass
• Glass skylights provide plenty of natural light, reducing the cost of artificial lighting and air conditioning, saving money and energy efficiency.
• Reduce UV radiation by using laminated safety glass in the skylight.
• Health Benefits: Sunlight is the full spectrum, better for our eyes, body and mind than for artificial light from bulbs and tubes.
• Glass skylights are indoor and outdoor bridges that allow homeowners to feel connected to nature.
• Glass skylights help balance light in the room, reduce glare, and change living areas in a more open, safer space.
Adequate sunlight can prevent the lack of vitamin D and B1.
• Make your room look special and more attractive.

Skylight glass building

Kunxing Glass Service
• High quality, all original glass is made of A grade high quality glass, no bubbles, no defects, high light transmittance, ISO and CE certification.
• Provide customers with safe transportation arrangements
• Powerful packaging and safe loading, all glass will be packaged in a powerful export plywood box and loaded in a metal belted container to ensure glass safety during transport.
• Fast delivery time, production time is about 7-15 days. For urgent orders, we can do our best in 10 days.

Kunxing glass other skylight roof glass
1.Clear tempered laminated glass
2.Ultra Clear Tempered laminated glass
3.Tinted tempered laminated glass
4.Customized color tempered laminated glass: According to customer requirements, PVB color can be used as pantone color
5.Clear tempered laminated insulating glass
6.Color tempered laminated insulating glass 

Skylight glass package in KXG

Excellent Quality Toughened Laminated Glass Skylight package



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