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10mm clear tempered glass used for canopy glass factory10mm clear tempered glass used for canopy glass factory10mm clear tempered glass used for canopy glass factory10mm clear tempered glass used for canopy glass factory

10mm clear tempered glass used for canopy glass factory

  • 1. Product name: 10mm flat clear tempered glass,10mm flat clear toughened glass
  • 2. Canopy glass type: clear safety toughened glass, frost tempered glass, energy saving reflective tempered glass
  • 3. Function: Heat proof, sound proof, energy saving, make interior cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter
  • 4. Certification: AS/NZS 2208, CE/EN12150,  ANSI Z97.1
  • 5. Production time within 15 days after order is confirmed
  • 6. Glass shape: flat, curve, square, rectangular, etc.
  • 7. Process: drill holes, cut notches, polished edges, etc.
  • 8.Packaging: All the glass packing in strong plywood crates with steel belt

10mm transparent clear ultra clear tempered glass for the canopy HTS toughened glass

About glass canopy

Glass canopies provide attractive practical features for buildings. An awning that is usually placed outside the entrance door protects people from entering the building, keeping the weather away fromthe door and allowing natural light to pass through the entrance area. This feature can be provided by looking into the lobby area through the entrance.Transparent glass is a popular choice, but other glass options are not excluded. By definition, the entrance canopy is the top glass, and the choiceof impact-resistant and durable products is critical.


glass skylight building

A common form is the use of framed single glass. Another method of fixing is that there is no frame, only the bolts arefixed, and only the tempered glass is easy to crack around the stress points generated by the holes. Laminated glass may be a better choice at this time.


10mm transparent tempered glass, also knownas 10mm tempered glass, is made of high-quality 10mm transparent float glass,which is manufactured by extreme heating and rapid cooling process, making it 3-5 times harder than ordinary glass. The brittleness of the tempered glass makes it broken into small oval pebbles when broken. This eliminates the dangerof sharp edges. 

Due to this nature and strength, tempered glass is often referred to as safety glass. Therefore, tempered glass can be used for awnings, glass roofs, doors, railings, etc.


Tempered glass function

Higher hardness

10mm transparent tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than 10mm annealed transparent float glass.


Harmless to humans

When broken, it breaks into small oval pebbles, which reduces the risk.


Tempered glass specifications

Size: up to 3000 * 13000mm

Thickness: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm15mm 19mm 22mm 25mm

Color: transparent, super clear, green,blue, gray, bronze and so on.

Machining: All machining must be done before tempering, such as beveling, cutting, drilling, etc.


tempered glass canopy building

KXG service

•One- stop professional services such as CAD drawing design, safe transportation arrangements, etc.

• Powerful packaging and safe loading, all glass will be packaged in a powerful exportply wood box and loaded in a metal belted container to ensure glass safety during transport.

• Very good quality glass, no air bubbles, no scratches, no defects, ISO and CE certified.

• Fast delivery time, 1000 square meters of glass, production time in 7 days.



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