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KXG new product--Irregularly shaped round edge tempered glass

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  • Release on:2021-01-08

What do you think this glass looks like? Fish, bird? Or something else?

irregularly shaped round edge tempered glass

KXG-irregularly shaped round edge tempered glass

Recently, KXG customized an irregularly shaped round edge tempered glass according to customer requirements. The edge of the glass is a round edge customized according to the customer's requirements. The low iron ultra clear glass is matched with the round edge. The whole glass is crystal clear and very beautiful. The round, shiny, smooth edges make people want to touch it at first glance.

KXG-irregularly shaped round edge tempered glass

The building glass produced by our factory is a customized product, and we can cut the glass according to the size and shape of the customer. As shown in the picture, we can customize various shapes of glass.

KXG-irregularly shaped tempered glass

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