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New Products Development

  • Release on 2020-05-19
    Recently, KXG customized a partially frosted tempered glass for customers(partially frosted tempered glass also call half frosted glass). The processing of frosted glass can be full page effect or partial frosted effect.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-04-21
    KXG can accept customized glass. We can customize the glass size, shape, color, etc. according to customer requirements.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-04-08
    KXG is currently making a small round table top for customers. Using 19mm thick ultra clear low iron glass, the edges of the glass are finely polished, and the logo is customized according to customer requirements.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-04-02
    Kunxing Building Glass Factory can customize all kinds of glass according to customer requirements.Recently, our company is producing curved tempered laminated insulated glass for customers.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-03-31
    Kunxing Building Glass Factory can customize glass sizes and specifications according to customer requirements.Recently we are customizing a SGP film triple curved tempered laminated safety glass for our customers.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-12-23
    Have you ever seen a glass railing made of silkscreen printing glass? Common glass railing in life are made of clear tempered glass and clear laminated glass. This time, our custom glass is silkscreen printing laminated glass for guardrails.Our factory can customize various patterns of colored glaze glass. You only need to send us the pattern you want to print on the glass, and we can print this picture on the glass.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-12-13
    The conventional size of architectural glass is 2140 * 3660 mm, 2440 * 3300. If it exceeds this size, we consider it to be an oversized glass. The larger the size of the glass, the more difficult it is to process. KXG can not only manufacture regular size glass, but also customize Jumbo size tempered glass, jumbo size laminated glass, jumbo size insulated glass and so on according to customer requirements.Read More>>
  • Release on 2019-10-08
    Bubble glass belongs to decorative glass. It is a new type of glass developed by our factory according to the requirements of our customers and the technology we have mastered. We have perfectly combined the bubble glass and the insulating glass to form a bubble hollow glass.Read More>>