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  • Release on2021-04-22
    Why Choose Glass Balustrade?

    The glass balustrade can withstand high& low temperature temperature, salt spray, and moisture. And it's low maintenance cost, maintenance-free. Dust is not easy to adhere to the surface of the glass, so it's easy to clean.Read More>>
  • Release on2021-04-13
    The Opus/Zaha Hadid Architects
    The hollowed-out facade of The Opus consists of 4,300 single and double curved glass panels, covering an area of 6000 square meters. The panel is made of 8mm Low-E glass, the spacing between the panes is 16mm, and is made of two layers of 6mm clear glass and 1.52mm PVB laminate. Each panel is equipped with LEDs, which can realize dynamic lighting installation.Read More>>
  • Release on2021-03-24
    Low-E glass, also known as low-e glass, is a film product composed of multiple layers of metal or other compounds coated on the surface of the glass. ...Read More>>
  • Release on2021-03-17
    Dichroic Glass,  also known as magic glass, is used in architectural decoration and it is a special optical glass that decorates the home style.The color effect of dichroic glass mainly lies in the metal film coating.Dichroic glass can be made into toughened glass, laminated glass, insulated glass.Read More>>
  • Release on2021-03-05
    Tempered glass is very popular in our life and has a very wide range of use. Tempered glass is particularly popular in today's life and has a very wide range of uses. Because people don't know much about the properties of glass, many problems often arise. We will introduce to you why tempered glass cannot be cut, and help you to understand it further.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-12-10
    The windows are a particularly important part of the house decoration, not only can play a role in resisting wind and rain, but also have a sound insulation effect on the house. Therefore, more and more people will use double-layered glass windows. Today we will analyze the causes and solutions for the fogging of double-layered glass windows.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-12-02
    As we all know, we use glass curtain walls in buildings for the following reasons: Adopt natural light, reduce energy consumption, and be beautiful. The color of glass is like human clothes. The appropriate color can improve our style as a whole, and the inappropriate color can make people look uncomfortable. So how do we choose the right color?Read More>>
  • Release on2020-11-28
    The glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel building wall, which is a prominent feature of modern high-rise buildings. Many landmark buildings have also adopted the wall decoration method of glass curtain wall. Glass glue is a necessary material for glass curtain walls, so what are the glass glues used for curtain walls?Read More>>
  • Release on2020-11-09
    Friends who are interested in the production process of tempered glass can click into this article. We will introduce several knowledge points of tempering furnace.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-11-04
    1.Thermal stability is the ability of glass to withstand drastic temperature changes without being destroyed.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-10-24
    What should we do if there is too much noise when we live near the road or near the construction site?Read More>>
  • Release on2020-10-14
    This article mainly lists some knowledge points of tempered glass and some tips for using tempered glass.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-10-10
    In fact, since the birth of tempered glass, it has been accompanied by the problem of self-destruction. The spontaneous explosion of tempered glass can be expressed as the phenomenon that tempered glass breaks automatically without external direct force. Today KXG will teach you how to distinguish whether tempered glass is self-destructive.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-09-27
    Today, KXG shared with you the knowledge points: Why does tempered glass suddenly break by itself?Read More>>
  • Release on2020-09-07
    Glass partitions, glass background walls, glass doors and other glass materials can be seen everywhere in the home decoration. These colorful glasses not only separate the space and increase the lighting, but also bring a crystal clear feeling to the home, making the home beautiful and unique.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-08-25
    The anti-slip glass is an innovative floor material with superior performance and safety. It is processed by a multi-layer process. The upper glass surface has a anti-slip pattern to form a anti-slip layer.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-08-21
    Recently, a "transparent toilet" in a park in Shibuya, Tokyo went viral on the Internet. What the hell is going on, let's take a look.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-08-11
    This article mainly answers the following two questions:
    1. If one of the glass is broken in the tempered laminated glass, the other glass is intact. What will happen?
    2. What happens if two pieces of tempered laminated glass are broken?Read More>>
  • Release on2020-08-08
    The main structure of this glass pyramid is steel and glass. The whole glass pyramid is 21 meters high and 34 meters wide at the bottom.Read More>>
  • Release on2020-08-05
    This glass maze is located in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The overall shape is a triangular glass labyrinth, with three sides each measuring 62 feet long, 7 feet high, and weighing more than 400 tons.Read More>>