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KXG toughened glass test

KXG toughened glass test

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Original 2020-05-07 17:37:39

Recently, KXG conducted quality tests on toughened glass. We broke several pieces of toughened glass with different sizes and different thicknesses, and observed the broken state of toughened glass after breaking.


The impact resistance of the tempered glass surface is very strong, it is difficult to break this glass when hitting the surface of the tempered glass. For example experiment TOUGHENED GLASS SHOT BAG IMPACT TEST. We use a 45kg ball to hit the glass, the glass is intact. This experiment also proved to everyone that our tempered glass can fully resist the impact of 45KG heavy objects.

KXG toughened glass test


The weakness of tempered glass is its sides and four corners. We can break the tempered glass easily by hitting the edges of the tempered glass with sharp objects.

Normal glass broken into big and sharp fragments easy hunt human. When the tempered glass is broken, the broken glass particle is of honeycomb shape with obtuse angles which won't cause severe hurt to human body. For example experiment DETECT THE BROKEN STATE OF TEMPERED GLASS.


KXG toughened glass