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Properties and Applications of Wired Mesh Glass

Properties and Applications of Wired Mesh Glass


Wired mesh glass is also known as shatterproof glass. It is made by heating ordinary flat glass to a red-hot softening state, and then pressing the preheated iron wire or wire mesh into the middle of the glass. The strength of the wired glass is higher than that of the ordinary glass.

When the glass is impacted or the temperature changes drastically, it can be broken without missing, cracked but not scattered, which can prevent small pieces with edges and corners from flying out and hurting people. When it bursts, it can still maintain a fixed state and play a role in isolating the fire.

wire mesh glass fire insulation safety glass

Manufacturing Process

Wired mesh glass is a kind of safety glass produced by rolling process. The rolled wire mesh is deployed by the mesh supply device and sent to the molten glass liquid, along with the glass liquid through the rolling roll and then makes the clip glass. The wire mesh grid shape in the clip glass is generally square or hexagonal, and the glass surface can be worn with a pattern, or can be a light surface. The thickness of the wire mesh glass is generally 6~16mm (excluding the thickness of the intermediate wire), and the safety glass can be used in the building roof and other occasions.

Properties of Wired Mesh Glass

Fire resistance

Even if the wired mesh glass is broken,the wire or net can support the fragments, and it is difficult to fall off and break. Even when the flame is pierced, it can block the intrusion of the flame and fire powder, and has the effect of preventing the spread and burning from the opening. Ordinary glass is susceptible to thermal cracking and shattering in the event of a fire, causing airflow and fire spread.

Although the glass with the wire mesh bursts in the fire, it will not collapse and penetrate due to the support of the metal wire or the mesh, which can maintain the integrity to a considerable extent, prevent the flow of air, and have a good barrier to the spread of the fire effect.

wire mesh glass safety glass anti-fire glass


The safety of the wired glass is reflected in the integrity of the glass when it is destroyed, and the fragments of the glass will not be scattered under the pulling of the wire, which reduces the damage to the human body. Therefore, compared with ordinary glass, it is not easy to cause debris to fly and hurt people. It can be used in skylights, roofs, indoor partitions and other occasions.


Ordinary glass is easy to break, so thieves can sneak and steal, while wire mesh glass is not. Even if the glass is broken, there is still a metal wire network in the role, not easy to penetrate, so used for the door and window glass also has a certain anti-theft effect.


There are many patterns on the surface of the wired mesh glass, and the inner wire mesh can also be square or diamond, showing different styles and enriching the decorative effect of the wired glass.

wire mesh pattern glass decorated glass wall

In recent years, the application of wired mesh glass has gradually expanded from the traditional field of fire prevention, theft and explosion to the field of decoration, making the wired mesh glass suitable for fireproof, anti-theft, shockproof, lighting, privacy and decoration.