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The same points and differences between heat strength glass and tempered glass

The same points and differences between heat strength glass and tempered glass

Both are reinforced glass, the former increases the strength by about 2 times, and the latter 3 to 5 times.

1. Tempered glass is safety glass. It is granulated after being broken and will not cause serious harm to the human body. The relevant departments of the state have stipulated that certain parts of the building must use such products; heat strength glass is non-safety glass, still after crushing Large glass and sharp cracked edges can cause serious injury, but there is no risk of self-explosion, which is often used in glass curtain walls.

2. Tempered glass needs to pass the national mandatory (3C) certification. It has strict physical and chemical performance testing requirements. There are national designated agencies to supervise product performance and production process. Heat strength glass also has performance requirements, but it is not mandatory.

3. Both need to be heat treated with a tempering furnace, the treatment requirements of tempered glass are higher than heat strength glass.

Clear tempered glass

Characteristics of heat strength glass: Heat strength glass The production process is similar to that of tempered glass, except that the wind pressure during quenching is lower than that of tempered glass. The surface stress in the heat strength glass is between 24 and 69 MPa, which is lower than the surface stress of the tempered glass. Therefore, the strength and thermal shock resistance of the heat strength glass are slightly lower than that of the tempered glass, but it is 1 to 2 times higher than that of the ordinary glass. Compared with tempered glass, heat strength glass has the great advantage of good flatness and less optical distortion. Due to the low stress, there is no self-explosion. Heat strength glass can withstand 1000 ° C temperature difference without damage, and has good thermal shock resistance