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What are the advantages of insulating coated glass

What are the advantages of insulating coated glass


In our lives, glass is used in our side to a variety of occasions, among which glass doors and windows are the most widely used, and there are various types of glass, such as insulating glass, vacuum glass, laminated glass, following me know more about the advantages of protecting coated glass.


Insulating coated glass is a composite of coated glass and insulating glass: including heat-reflective coated insulating glass and low-emissivity coated insulating glass. Heat-reflective coated insulating glass can reduce the heat transfer coefficient and shading coefficient at the same time, and the low-emissive coated insulating glass has better light transmittance.

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Advantages of insulating coated glass:


1、More economical

The existing toughened transparent glass or tinted glass with heat-reflecting film can save 50% of the total cost compared with replacing the heat-reflecting glass. The rest of the case can be referred to, for example, The original ordinary insulating glass is upgraded to insulating heat-reflective coated glass or insulating low-e coated glass after applying heat-reflective film or low-e film, respectively.

reflective coated insulated building glass

 2. More environmentally friendly

Coated glass can effectively block most ultraviolet rays from entering the room, prevent indoor carpets, curtains, fabrics and paints from fading, protect indoor furniture, computers and other office equipment, and prolong their service life. Low-E glass is a kind of glass that can block far-infrared rays, which can make heat radiation "repeatedly jump" indoors and outdoors, making the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer, saving electricity and achieving environmental protection effects. 

 3. Healthier

Coated glass can block 98%-99% of ultraviolet rays.

irregular shape coated glass


Insulating coated glass or insulating LOW-E glass is composed of two pieces of glass, and the middle is empty, used in buildings can reduce the self-weight of the building, making it more lightweight.

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