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What are the characteristics and precautions for office glass partition installation?

What are the characteristics and precautions for office glass partition installation?

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-06-12 09:44:44
Glass partitions are glass products that are often seen in life and are widely used in buildings and companies. They are common partition walls made of glass materials. The office glass partition has the advantages of bright and simple appearance, good light transmission, good sound insulation effect, environmental protection and durability. The office glass partition not only saves office space, but also makes the office environment simple, modern and full of personality. Can be used for public space, reception, negotiation, leisure area, manager space, conference room space, training space, staff space.

Office partition glass

Office glass partition installation features

1. No rail suspension: The floor has no track and only needs to be installed on the ceiling.

2. Stable and safe: stable and reliable after the partition, not easy to swing.

3. Sound insulation and environmental protection: sound insulation effect is good, the large sound insulation coefficient can reach 50 decibels.

4 .Heat insulation: energy insulation performance is excellent, according to different occupancy rate, the large space is divided into small space to reduce air conditioning power consumption.

5. Efficient fire prevention: It is made of high-efficiency fireproof material and has good fireproof performance.

6 .Beautiful and generous: the surface is arbitrarily decorated, and can be combined with the interior decoration effect.

7. Retractable and flexible: the partitions are freely retractable and flexible, and one person can complete the whole process of partitioning.

8. Convenient collection: When closing the board, the partition can be hidden in the special storage cabinet, which does not affect the overall appearance.

9. A wide range of applications: a wide range of applications, can be used in conference halls, exhibition halls, restaurants, high clean factories and offices.

Glass partition use for office

Office glass partition installation precautions

1. When installing the office glass partition, it should be noted that the upper and lower door shafts must be kept on a vertical line. The skeleton of the glass door must be made of steel beams, and the upper shaft must be welded to the beam, because the upper door shaft is the support point of the entire glass door and must be firm. It is forbidden to use the upper beam to adopt the fine wooden keel structure, because the connection point between the upper door shaft and the wood making structure can only be fixed by the self-tapping screws. Because of the many times of opening the door, the time is long and the upper door shaft is easy to fall off, posing a danger.

2. When the ground spring is pre-buried, a rectangular square pit shall be dug on the original ground, and the circumference shall be larger than 10 mm of the ground spring base, which is used for plugging high-grade cement mortar to play a firm role. It is recommended that the spring cement be solidified for 48 hours and then according to the glass door. The glass door should be installed 8-12 mm from the ground to prevent the glass door from rubbing against the ground when it hangs down.

3. The upper and lower door shafts of the ground door should be seated in the center of the door frame, so that the glass door can be seated in the center of the door frame after installation, which has an aesthetic effect. Install the glass door to the side of the door 3-6 mm from the beam, prevent the connection between the upper door shaft and the door clamp when the door is drooped. There is also a detail to note that the door shaft and the door clamp should be filled with butter to reduce the wear of the joint to extend the life of the glass partition.