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What is a curtain wall building system

What is a curtain wall building system


What is a curtain wall? Do you have any concept of curtain walls? In fact, curtain walls are what we call hanging walls in our daily lives, and most of the time they are used to protect the exterior walls of buildings. So, what is the specific curtain wall?

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1、 What is a curtain wall

Curtain walls, like a curtain hanging on the exterior walls of a building, it is an enclosure structure that does not bear weight and does not act as the main structure and load. Generally speaking, the curtain wall is relatively light and strong, and it is also more beautiful, so for the building, it has a certain decorative effect.

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A curtain wall is the outer wall enclosure of a building, consisting of panels and supporting structural systems.

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2、 Characteristics of curtain walls

The curtain wall is an independent and complete overall structural system.

Curtain walls are usually used on the outer side of the main structure and are generally wrapped above the surface of the main structure.


The curtain wall has a certain micro-dynamic ability relative to the main structure in the plane.

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3、 Performance of curtain walls

Curtain walls have strong resistance to wind and pressure deformation, and curtain wall glass has thermal insulation, commonly known as insulation, which can provide sound insulation and lightning protection. It has good fire resistance and is healthy and environmentally friendly. The appearance is very charming, so it still exists as a decoration to some extent. Curtain wall glass is very energy-efficient.

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4、 Advantages of curtain walls

Lightweight. Under the same area comparison, using curtain wall insulating glass can greatly reduce the weight of the building, thereby reducing the cost of basic engineering.

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Flexible design. The artistic effect of curtain wall glass is particularly good. Architects can design various shapes according to everyone's needs, and can also choose different colors to make it more harmonious with the surrounding environment. Combined with lighting, the building can also have a different visual effect. It can also reduce the sense of oppression in high-rise buildings.


Strong seismic resistance. Because curtain walls are designed with flexibility, they have strong wind and seismic resistance, making them the optimal choice for all tall buildings.


Systematic construction. Systematic construction can better control the construction period and shorten the time.

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Modernization. It can improve the novelty and technology of buildings, such as photovoltaic energy-saving curtain walls, double-layer ventilation duct breathing curtain walls, and other designs that are compatible with intelligent technology.


Easy to update and repair. As it is built on the outer structure of the building, it is convenient to repair or update it.