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Window and door glass cleaning tips

Window and door glass cleaning tips

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-07-15 15:48:32
Window and door glass cleaning tips

The windows glass(tempered glass) and doors glass in the home are one of the clean places we can easily ignore. When the glass is dirty, it will appear that the indoor environment is not clean. When you cleans the windows and doors, will you feel that they are not clean after the glass is wiped? Let me introduce the glass cleaning tips now.

Tempered glass cleaning tips

1. Apply chalk dust water or baking soda to the glass. After drying, wipe the glass with a cloth.

2. In winter, the surface of the window glass is easy to frost. It can be wiped with a cloth dampened with concentrated salt water or white wine. It can also be used to prevent fogging while removing fog.

3. Put some water in the basin, pour a little shampoo and mix it, use it to clean the glass, the glass will be particularly clean and bright.

4. Many people like to drink tea, don't lose the rest of the tea leaves, we can soaking water with tea leaves, use this water wipe window glass to have a good decontamination effect.

5. If the dirt on the window or door glass can't be wiped off, you can use a towel to pick up the beer or vinegar to wipe the glass, which can quickly remove the dirt on the glass without leaving any soft flocks. If there is grease on the glass, wash it with a mixture of vinegar and salt.

6. If you want the window or door glass to be less susceptible to ash, can use washing water of rice. When cleaning the glass, use the washing water of rice directly to clean the glass. Not only is it very clean, but also it can also be used for a long time without ash.

7. Wipe the glass with a clean blackboard eraser, Clean and bright and labor-saving.

8. When wiping the door and window glass, cut the onion into two halves, then rub the glass with the incision surface. When the juice of the onion is not dry, quickly wipe it with a dry towel. The glass will be bright and clean.

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