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Different types soundproof and energy efficient insulated glass panels for windowsDifferent types soundproof and energy efficient insulated glass panels for windowsDifferent types soundproof and energy efficient insulated glass panels for windowsDifferent types soundproof and energy efficient insulated glass panels for windows

Different types soundproof and energy efficient insulated glass panels for windows

  • 1. Product name: Soundproof and energy saving insulated glass panels for windows
  • 2. Combination:  4mm+9A+4mm, 5mm+12A+5mm, 6mm+12A+6mm, 8mm+16A+8mm, 10mm+16A+10mm,  5mm+9A+5mm+9A+5mm, 10mm+12A+10mm+12A+10mm, 12mm+16A+12mm+16A+12mm, Any customized composition could be produced
  • 3. Performance: Keep indoor warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • 4. Insulated glass has good sound proof function, can reduce noise by more than 31 dB
  • 5. Feature: Insulating glass could effectively make the U-value lower, and can be further reduced by filling of inert gases like argon gas
  • 6. Production time: within 15 days after order is confirmed
  • 7. Certificate: CCC, AS/NZS 2208, ANSI Z97.1
  • 8. Packaging: All the glass pack in strong plywood crates with steel belt

Different types of window insulation glass panels

There are different types of windows,including PVC sliding glass windows, aluminum alloy glass windows, wooden frame glass windows, frameless glass windows, etc. Different types of glass can beused, including transparent float glass, colored float glass, solar reflective glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, insulating glass. If you want to save energy, sound and heat, we recommend that you use insulating glass to make windows.

1) Insulating glass has good sound insulation and can reduce noise by more than 31 dB

2) Insulating glass can effectively reduce the U value and can be further reduced by filling with an inert gas such asargon.

3) Insulated glass unit can help you save some air conditioning costs, keep indoors cool during the summer and keep warm in the winter.


Double glazing soundproof glass window

KXG can also provide the corresponding type of glass

Flat insulating glass, curved insulating glass, double glazing insulating glass, triple glazing insulating glass, floatinsulating glass, tempered insulating glass, laminated insulating glass,transparent insulating glass, colored insulating glass, reflective insulating glass, low-e insulating glass, etc.


Insulated reflective glass performance data

KXG quality

1) All materials we use to make insulatingglass are Class A to ensure that the insulating glass we produce can controlairflow, heat flow, rain and snow, sunlight and other forms of radiant energy,water vapor diffusion, etc.

2) We strictly control the accuracy, the thickness tolerance is ± 0.3mm, and the size is ±1mm;

3) We have an independent quality inspection department, and all glass is inspected during each production process to ensure that all the glass we ship does not have any quality problems;

4) Our glass is certified by ISO, CE, SGS, CCC, ANSI Z 97.1, AS/NZS 2208 etc.

5) There is cork or pearl cotton between the glass to ensure that the glass will not be scratched;

6) The glass is packaged in a sturdy expect plywood box to avoid damage during transportation.


Soundproof energy saving insulated glass

KXG service

1) Generally speaking, the production timeafter order confirmation is 7-15 days. If it is very urgent, we can try ourbest to complete it for you within 7 days.

2) We have established long-term business relationships with numerous shipping companies to help you get the lowest shipping cost with the fastest shipping time.

3) We have a professional one-stop service team that can meet any of your requirements.

4) If accidental damage or quality problemsoccur, we will refund or replace the glass in the quickest way.


If you are a window glass manufacturer or a construction contractor and you are interested in our insulating glass, pleasefeel free to contact us for more details.



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