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Building glass factory 8mm-12A-8mm curved tempered safety insulated glass unitBuilding glass factory 8mm-12A-8mm curved tempered safety insulated glass unitBuilding glass factory 8mm-12A-8mm curved tempered safety insulated glass unitBuilding glass factory 8mm-12A-8mm curved tempered safety insulated glass unit

Building glass factory 8mm-12A-8mm curved tempered safety insulated glass unit

  • 1. Product name: 28mm curved insulated glass, 28mm curved double glazing unit, 28mm curved heat proof glass, 28mm curved energy saving glass
  • 2. Glass type: clear curved glass, ultra-clear curved glass, tinted curved glass, reflective curved glass, tempered curved glass
  • 3. Shape in curved, bring you a custom aesthetics building
  • 4. Production time: within 14 days after the order is confirmed
  • 5. Advantages: heatproof, soundproof,  energy saving, double sealed
  • 6. Package: Strong export plywood crates to avoid breakage
  • 7. Loading containers by 20'GP, 20'OH, 40'GP, 40'OH
  • 8. Air spacer thickness: 6A,  9A, 12A, 15A, 16A, 18A, 19A, 22A, 24A and aluminum

Wholesale price curved safety double glazing glass insulating glass manufacturer


Curved tempered insulating glass

8mm + 12A + 8mm curved tempered safety insulating glass, 28mm curved sound-insulating glass, 28mm curved heat-resistantdouble-layer glass, 28mm energy-saving insulating glass, 28mm curved double-glazed unit, separated by 12 pieces of 8mm tempered glass 12A aluminum gasket Sealed with the edge double. The high quality 8 + 12A + 8mm doubleglazed insulating glass provides greater insulation value comfort, energyefficiency and climate control economy.


curved insulated glass unit

Insulated curved glass panel features

1. Original glass composition, 8mm transparent curved glass, 8mm green curved glass, 8mm gray curved glass, 8mmcolored reflective curved glass, 8mm ultra-transparent curved glass, 8mm tempered glass, 4 + 4mm curved laminated glass. A variety of glass can becombined to meet your requirements.

2. Glass size: The maximum size is 3300 *8000mm, which can be customized.

3. Aluminum gasket: In addition to 8mm +12A + 8mm, there are 8mm + 9A + 8mm insulated curved glass or 8mm + 16A + 8mminsulated curved glass or 8mm + 20A + 8mm insulated curved glass.


Advantages of curved reflective insulating glass

1. Soundproof: The 12A air layer is full of dry gas, and the frame is filled with desiccant to ensure sound insulation.

2. Waterproof function, transparent reflective glass or color reflective glass or low-reflection reflective glass,effectively control solar radiation, making it a reflective hollow glass,expanding the maximum energy efficiency.

3. Curved-shaped insulating glass createsan aesthetic scene for your building.

4. Energy-saving glass, saving summerair-conditioning costs, saving winter heating costs, and having good insulationand energy-saving effects.


Curved tempered glass performance data

Application of curved insulating glass

8mm + 12A + 8mm curved safety insulation glass for curtain walls, office buildings, many public places, etc.


In addition to 8mm + 12A + 8mm curvedinsulating glass, we can produce 8mm + 12A + 8mm flat insulating glass,transparent reflective hollow glass of different colors, color reflective double glazing unit, low tempered insulating glass and so on.


High quality insulating glass not only provides you with a comfortable life, but also helps you save more costs.


Kunxing Glass promises all our customers,we always keep producing high quality insulating glass, about our insulatingglass

Regarding the raw glass, our QC staffinspect each product one by one to ensure perfect quality, no bubbles, noscratches, high precision flatness.

Regarding the seal, we always double sealto avoid moisture entering the glass.



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