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China glass factory customized ultra clear curved toughened laminated glassChina glass factory customized ultra clear curved toughened laminated glassChina glass factory customized ultra clear curved toughened laminated glassChina glass factory customized ultra clear curved toughened laminated glass

China glass factory customized ultra clear curved toughened laminated glass

  • 1. Glass name: low iron laminated bending glass, extra clear laminated curved glass
  • 2. Glass special processing: cutout, drill holes, polished edge, logo printing, sandblasting, acid etched, silkscreen printed, heat soaked
  • 3. Glass thickness: 5+5mm 6+6mm 8+8mm 10+10+10mm 12+12+12+12mm, any customized multi layers laminated glass
  • 4. Glass advantages: high light transmittance, aesthetic effect,  European CE and America SGCC standard
  • 5. Application: Balustrade, Railing, Balcony, Swimming pool fences
  • 6. Package: Strong export plywood crates with steel belt
  • 7. Around 14 days after the order confirmed
  • 8. Sample: free

Export Product Clear Curved Tempered Laminated Glass China Manufacturer Dongguan


Characteristics of low iron tempered laminated glass

Glass thickness: two layers of low-iron laminated glass, such as: 5 + 5mm, 6 + 6mm, 8 + 8mm, 10 + 10mm, 12 + 12mm, 15 + 15mm, 19+ 19mm; three layers of ultra-clear laminated glass, such as: 5 + 5 + 5mm, 6 +6 + 6mm, 8 + 8 + 8mm, any custom multi-layer laminated glass.


Curved toughened glass

Glass size

1. Maximum size 3300x13000mm, radius ≥6000mm

2. size 2400x1500mm, radius ≥485mm

3. size 4800x3000mm, radius ≥1000mm

4. size, 2440x1650mm, radius ≥ 680mm

5. Special processing of glass: cutting, drilling, marking printing, sand blasting, screen printing, hot dip, etc.


Curved toughened glass performance data

Glass type

Ultra-transparent tempered laminated curved glass, low-iron laminated frosted glass, ultra-clear screen printing laminated glass, ultra-white tempered laminated heat soak glass.

Advantages of laminated curved glass

1. High transparency, minimizing thedistortion of the original color of the objects behind it.

2. Minimize the risk of injury from accidental impact. Maintain its overall integrity and continue to act as abarrier, even if the glass breaks, preventing vandalism and burglary. It can be repeatedly dropped from heavy objects such as bricks, hammers or crowbars.

3. Reduce noise and provide a considerable atmosphere day and night.

4. Provides an extremely high level of UV protection, thus helping to reduce the effects of fading and aging.

5. When using opaque PVB, protect yourprivacy and security without affecting optical transmission.

6. Surface modeling, compared with flat laminated glass, the aesthetic effect increases the architectural value.


In addition to ultra-thin laminated curved glass, we can also do ultra-clear heat-enhanced curved glass, ultra-clear hardened curved glass, low-iron curved tempered hot-dipped glass, ultra-white curved laminated hot-dipped glass.


Curved toughened clear glass balustrade

Our service

As a professional processing glass factory,Kunxing Glass has been in China for more than 20 years. We are 100% sure to produce and export high quality CE SGCC low iron toughened laminated glass, ultra-clear quenched laminated glass, high quality laminated curved glass, widely used. On windows, doors, railings, skylights, walls, elevators, etc.



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