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Large size tempered and laminated facade curtain wall glass fins supplierLarge size tempered and laminated facade curtain wall glass fins supplierLarge size tempered and laminated facade curtain wall glass fins supplierLarge size tempered and laminated facade curtain wall glass fins supplier

Large size tempered and laminated facade curtain wall glass fins supplier

  • 1. Produce name: glass envelope, glass facade, glass fins walls, glass rib
  • 2. Glass thickness: Monolithic glass 12mm 15mm 19mm and laminated glass such as 10+10mm,12+12mm, 15+15mm.
  • 3. Glass deep processing: Edge polished, drilling holes, tempered, insulated, laminated
  • 4. Application: store front facade, exterior curtain wall, skylight, tall grand lobby etc.
  • 5. Glass color: green, grey, black, clear, ultra-clear, bronze, golden, blue
  • 6. Characteristic: Highly transparent, light weight, greater strength etc.
  • 7. Delivery: 10 to 15 days after order is confirmed
  • 8. Certificate: CCC, CE, AS/NZS 2208, ANSI Z 97.1

China Safety Tempered and Laminated Curtain Wall Glass Fins


About glass fin wall

Glass fin walls are also known as glass casings,glass curtain walls, glass curtain walls, and the like. It is a very popularchoice for point support systems with a lighter support structure, a higherun supported façade and fewer connection points.


Tempered laminated glass fin specification

Glass thickness: single piece glass 12mm,15mm, 19mm, laminated glass, such as 10 + 10mm, 12 + 12mm, 15 + 15mm.

Size: Maximum height 12000mm, customizable size.

Glass: tempered glass, PVB or SGP sandwich tempered laminated glass, wire mesh glass, acid etched tempered glass, etc.

Deep processing: edge polishing, drilling,etc.

Application: storefront front, exteriorwall curtain wall, skylight glass, high lobby, etc.


Glass facade building

Advantages of oversized façade glass fins

 - Greater power. Because they are laminated directly to the board, the entire bottom of the fin is sealed to the board, providing greater structural strength.

 - Light weight. If the lower fin or face glass is broken, the total weight of the facade and fins can reach a veryhigh height without worrying about any progressive collapse.

 - They provide a high degree of transparency and modernize the building.

 - Structural glass finned wall, asystem that uses vertical, tempered glass mullion as a structural support.These systems are both economical and stylish and are ideal for projects of anysize.


Glass factory glass facade

KXG supports glass system

Transparent tempered laminated glass fin

-10 + 10mm, 12 + 12mm, 15 + 15mm PVB or SGP ultra-transparent tempered laminated glass fins

- Wire mesh glass fins

- Tempered Acid etched glass fins

- 12mm 15mm 19mm transparent tempered glass fins

- 12mm 15mm 19mm super transparent tempered glass fin

- 10 + 10mm, 12 + 12mm, 15 + 15mm PVB or SGP



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