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Trapezoidal safety stair railing glass -spiral stair railing curved glass factory supplierTrapezoidal safety stair railing glass -spiral stair railing curved glass factory supplierTrapezoidal safety stair railing glass -spiral stair railing curved glass factory supplierTrapezoidal safety stair railing glass -spiral stair railing curved glass factory supplier

Trapezoidal safety stair railing glass -spiral stair railing curved glass factory supplier

  • 1. Product name: Trapezoidal safety stair railing glass -spiral stair railing curved glass
  • 2. Glass Thickness: 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm, 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, 12+12mm
  • 3. Glass Shape: Flat or curved toughened glass and laminated glass
  • 4. Processing: Polished edges, drill holes, cut notches, safety round corners
  • 5. Certificate: CE, AS/NAS 2208, ANSI, SGS, ISO
  • 6. Size: Max 3000x13000mm, any custom cut size could be produced
  • 7. Packing: Strong export plywood crates with metal belts
  • 8. Production time: within 10 to 15 days after confirm the order

Stair railing glass professional glass manufacturer in China


Glass stair railings are becoming more popular, whether residential or commercial, as they not only make the building more attractive, but are also easy to replace or maintain.


With more than 20 years of experience, themost popular balustrade glass we produce is trapezoidal flat glass or curved glass. The glass may be tempered glass or laminated glass, which may be frameless or stainless steel frame, or wood, may be colorless glass, color decorative glass, screen printing glass, translucent etched glass, etc. 


Spiral stair railing curved glass factory supplier

Glass type specification processing

Tempered glass - Type: trapezoidal flat tempered glass, spiral curved tempered glass, transparent tempered glass, wire mesh tempered glass, frosted tempered glass


 - For safety reasons, recommended thickness 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm


 - Flat tempered glass size up to 3300x18000mm, any custom cut size with bright polished edges, frameless stair glass railings to ensure a refined look.


 - Custom drill holes (straight orconical) or cuts for glass stair railings to ensure that the fittings can be installed easily and correctly. Safety fillets ensure that the glass will not be damaged during shipping or installation.


Trapezoidal plane sandwich laminated glass, spiral curved sandwich laminated glass, transparent safety laminated glass, colored decorative laminated glass, screen printed tempered laminated glass, acid etched laminated glass


 - Glass available in thickness 4 +4mm, 5 + 5mm, 6 + 6mm, 8 + 8mm, 10 + 10mm, 12 + 12mm, 15 + 15mm. EVA / PVB /SGP thickness 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm, 1.9mm, 2.28mm and other intermediate layer thickness depends on the thickness and size of the glass

 - Clear glass, blue, green, bronze,gray, more colors, can be used to meet the requirements of the color


 - Flat tempered laminated glass size up to 3300x18000mm, any custom size, curved tempered laminated glass mini radius 1200mm.

Spiral stair railing curved glass factory


Comparison of tempered glass and laminated glass

Both tempered glass and laminated glass are safety glass, which is much stronger than ordinary float glass, but laminated glass is safer than single-piece tempered glass. When the laminated glass breaks, the broken pieces will stick to the interlayer and will not fall and hurt humans. . But tempered glass is much cheaper than tempered laminated glass at the same thickness, so which type of glass you use in your building dependson what you care about.


Work with us

 - We have been manufacturing and exporting custom building safety glass since 2004. Most of the projects we have done in Southeast Asia, Central America, South America, Middle East countrieshave strict quality requirements, which helps us to enrich The experience produces very good products. High quality custom designed glass.

 - All of our glass is housed in a strong plywood box with metal straps to ensure that the glass will not break during long-distance transport.

 - Professional sales and after-sales service 24 hours online, ready to solve any problems you have.

 - With advanced processing machinesand skilled workers, we can ensure that all orders are completed at least 5 days ahead of other glass suppliers.

Glass staircase balustrade package in KXG

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