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Bathroom doors | Why are hotel bathroom glass doors transparent

Bathroom doors | Why are hotel bathroom glass doors transparent


Most hotels have transparent bathroom doors, why are they designed this way? If it is an ordinary home decoration, how to choose the bathroom door?


Why are hotel bathroom doors transparent?


It's a great way to make the room look bigger. The bathroom door is designed with transparent clear glass, which visually makes the guest room look bigger. 50 square meters of the guest room immediately has the feeling of 80 square meters, so why not choose clear tempered glass?

clear glass shower bathroom door hotel


Cost savings. Obviously, a glass wall costs less than a solid wall, so the hotel can save a lot of money.


Moisture-proof and waterproof. If the waterproof layer of the wall is not done well, then it will be moldy or mushroom, glass can solve this problem perfectly, simply, and hassle-free.

clear tempered glass shower door

Security. People outside can see inside, and once an accident occurs, it can be discovered in time, and the golden opportunity for treatment will not be missed. Falls in the bathroom are not uncommon, and the clear glass door is a lifesaver.Checking hygiene. Adopting such a transparent design also allows the hotel's cleaning staff to see more clearly where it has not been cleaned, and it is easier to check.

glass shower door at home bathroom

How to choose a home bathroom door?

Material selection. Compared with other spaces, bathroom doors have more choices of materials, which are mainly divided into:

1. Solid wood or composite doors: good-looking, but expensive and not waterproof enough.

2. Plastic steel door: strong waterproof, cheap, but easy to deform, the grade is not high enough.

3. Aluminum alloy door: good waterproof, many styles and colors, and the price is in the middle.

gradient effect privacy glass bathroom door
4. Glass door: waterproof, beautiful, and good lighting, but transparent clear tempered glass is not enough for privacy. If you choose glass doors, you can choose embossed glass or frosted glass, which has privacy and good light transmission, which is the perfect choice for home bathroom glass doors.