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Three Popular Folding Doors And Windows In The Kitchen Are Not Only Practical But Also Elegant

Three Popular Folding Doors And Windows In The Kitchen Are Not Only Practical But Also Elegant


The kitchen is the place for cooking in the home. Although it only has a few square meters of space, it takes on the important task of people's "survival". Moreover, in a small space, it is necessary to store all kinds of kitchen appliances, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, pots, and pans, and at the same time pay attention to problems such as oily smoke.


No wonder there is a saying of "golden kitchen and silver bathroom" in the decoration industry. It doesn't mean how expensive the kitchen is, but the importance of kitchen decoration.

Hanging rail glass floding door

Because our Chinese cooking habits are mainly stir-frying, the problem of oily smoke will be more serious. When renovating the kitchen, most people will install glass sliding doors as partitions. It can not only prevent oil fume from escaping to the outside but also will not affect the lighting and visual transparency.


Disadvantages of traditional sliding doors

For traditional glass sliding doors, several centimeter-high rails are installed on the ground, which not only seriously affects the unity of visual effects, but also easily stumbles if you are not careful.


What often happens is that the track of the sliding door is stepped on and deformed, which seriously affects the effect of sliding.


There is also a big problem because the track groove opening is facing upwards, it is easy to accumulate dust and debris.

glass sliding door at kitchen

Over time, it will block the groove of the track, causing the door to freeze when sliding or even unable to be dragged. Moreover, it is very troublesome to clean up.


Because there are too many shortcomings of traditional sliding glass doors, such as unsightly, stumbling, dirty, easy to deform, and so on. Nowadays, few people install this kind of traditional sliding doors in decoration. Now these three kinds of partition doors are popular, which are not only practical but also elegant.


1. Minimalist glass sliding door

The minimalist glass sliding door is an advanced version of the traditional ground track sliding door, which improves the negative impact of the track protruding from the ground.


In minimalist glass sliding doors, the copper strips are embedded or pasted into the floor, and the sliding door achieves a sliding effect through the copper strips on the ground.


Because there are no bumpy tracks on the ground, and no grooves that hide dirt, you don't have to worry about the sliding door getting stuck.

Minimalist glass sliding door factory

Minimalist sliding door is divided into two kinds: embedded and paste. Embedding the copper strip into the floor tile inside, the construction will be more troublesome, but more durable, need not worry about falling off. Although the pasted copper strip is easy to install, but after a long time, it may fall off.


2. Hanging rail glass sliding door

There is also a popular sliding door with hanging rails. As the name suggests, the rails are hung on the mid-air wall.


The ground is flat, there are no tracks at all, and there are no problems such as bumps, tramples, and dirt. The ground is maintained as a whole, and the visual effect is stylish and atmospheric.

hanging rail glass sliding door for kitchen room

The hanging rail glass sliding door has requirements on the load-bearing capacity of the door beam. If the load-bearing capacity is not enough, it may collapse, which must be paid attention to.


Moreover, when installing the glass sliding door of the hanging cabinet, it is necessary to pay attention to the height of about 1cm between the sliding door and the ground, otherwise, the sliding door and the floor will cause friction. Just because of the 1cm suspension, the sealing performance of the sliding door will deteriorate.


3. Folding glass sliding door

A folding glass sliding door can open the sliding door to the maximum, unlike the traditional sliding door, which can only be opened in half.


When a partition is required, fully open the folding glass sliding window door, which can perfectly prevent oil fume from flowing to other functional areas. When you open the folding glass door, it is almost like an open kitchen, and it is very convenient to enter and exit, which is also a highlight of the folding glass door.


Some people say that folding glass doors are heavy and hard to push and pull. The reason for this is that the main problem lies in the hardware accessories. Good quality hardware accessories not only affect the service life of the sliding door but also affect the degree of opening and closing the door.

folding glass doors partition factory

Another advantage of folding glass doors is that they are suitable for all types of homes. Even if the top is cornered, curved, or irregular, folding glass doors can be used, which is practical and beautiful.