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Heat Insulation Solution For High-Temperature Doors And Windows In Summer

Heat Insulation Solution For High-Temperature Doors And Windows In Summer


Generally speaking, there are two main factors that affect the insulation of windows and doors: heat radiation and heat conduction.

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In summer, the sunshine time is generally more extended, and the sunlight penetrates the glass and shines directly on the room. Part of the heat radiation energy is absorbed or reflected by the glass, and the other part is released through the glass to make the indoor temperature rise continuously. It is very important to block the direct sunlight and do an excellent job of shading the doors and windows.

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Use Of Curtains Or External Building Shading

Choose curtains made of blackout fabrics, and then match them with blackout fabrics, which can also have a good shading effect. But the disadvantage is that if there is no light in the room for a long time, it will have an impact on people's health.


At present, according to my country's relevant building energy-saving standards, external sunshades are being vigorously developed, and more attention is paid to their impact on building energy conservation, improving the indoor thermal environment and visual comfort environments, such as outdoor sunshades, rolling shutters, and outdoor venetian blinds.

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Using Glass Insulation Film

Glass insulation film is actually a film that is applied to the surface of the glass and this method is more economical. The use time of the film is limited. After a long time of use, blistering and curling may occur.


Using Low-E Insulated Glass

Low-E insulated glass reflects most of the radiant light energy and thus transmits less heat to the room. Generally, Low-E glass is made as insulating glass, with the coating layer in the insulating layer, thus extending its service life. Low-E insulated glass has heat insulation performance.

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Reducing Heat Transfer Through The Window Frame

The window frame is the backbone of the window, and the sealing and thermal conductivity of the material will also affect the indoor temperature. When using glass window frames, try to use high-quality door and window frames to ensure the airtightness of the glass and reduce heat energy from the window seams.