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Door and window heat insulation to do so, air conditioning electricity charges save half

Door and window heat insulation to do so, air conditioning electricity charges save half


Although the start of autumn has passed, the high-temperature weather mode has been turned on again due to the influence of typhoons. In hot weather, 24-hour air-conditioned rooms have become people's "summer resort". However, in addition to air conditioning, good insulation of doors and windows can also bring a cool room to the house.

There are two major factors affecting the thermal insulation of doors and windows:

Thermal radiation and heat conduction

insulated glass reflective coated glass building glass

When the hot sunlight is directed into the room through the glass, in fact, part of the heat radiation energy will be absorbed or reflected by the glass, and the other part will enter the room through the glass, making the indoor temperature rise continuously.

Accordingly, how to isolate sunlight to enter indoor, do good shading measure, it is the key of door and window heat insulation.

1Curtain shade

Choosing curtains with high shading ratio and matching shading cloth can make the indoor shading effect reach the best state, but it will cause insufficient indoor light, which will also affect people's health in the long run.

window glass laminated glass door

In addition to curtains, electric blinds have also become one of the choices of many families, which can not only shade but also protect privacy and safety.

2Glass insulation film

Glass thermal insulation film is a film pasted on the glass surface, which can not only insulate but also absorb ultraviolet rays. At the same time, it is affordable and can block about 79% of the heat from the outside.

However, if the glass insulation film is used for too long, there may be blistering, curling and other phenomena.

heatheatproof insulated glass factory door glass window

3Low-e insulated glass

Low-e insulating glass is also called low-emissivity glass. As an upstart in coated glass, Low-e insulating glass can reflect most of the light radiation energy and reduce the thermal radiation energy entering the room. Since the silver layer of Low-e is sealed in the insulating glass, users do not need special maintenance, just keep the glass surface clean.

4Bridge-cut aluminum alloy

Bridge-cut aluminum alloy mainly includes heat insulation broken bridge profile, glass, hardware accessories and rubber strips Among them, The most important broken bridge profiles are composed of three parts, namely indoor and outdoor alloy profiles.

insulated glass heat proof glass window

The cold bridge is not only a good insulation material with structural strength and anti-aging performance meeting the requirements of doors and windows, but also a barrier to prevent the warm current from losing heat to the outside in winter and the external heat from flowing to the inside in summer.

According to the metal characteristics of aluminum alloy, the thermal insulation bridge-cut aluminum alloy doors and windows adopt the combination of thermal insulation bridge broken aluminum profile and hollow glass, which can effectively block the conduction of heat energy.