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Glass sunroom selection considerations

Glass sunroom selection considerations


1. Humanization is an inevitable requirement for the design of the glass sun room. The glass sun room must be designed in combination with the specific structural conditions of the house and a demand opinion of the owner and family. At the same time, when designing, it is also necessary to pay attention to the structural safety, ventilation,waterproofing and sunshade of the glass sunroom to determine a variety of factors, so that the sun room has a space with a humanized concept and is easy to maintain.

safety building glass sunroom

2. Although the project glass sunshine room is not big, it contains a variety of materials, so in the purchase, we should also ask the relevant designers more, refer to the corresponding suggestions, to see what kind of sunshine room is more appropriate.


3. Residential type sunroom should choose toughened laminated insulating glass roof, and be equipped with appropriate amount of special insulated glass skylight, with broken bridge aluminum hollow glass window or aluminum wood composite hollow glass window as peripheral maintenance products, and special sunshade should be equipped when using Curtains, awnings, invisible screens and other products.

tempered laminated insulated glass sunroom glass wall

4. When choosing a residential sunroom, should be paid attention to the selection of door and window performance. Because of the large load-bearing capacity of the residential sunroom, its side frames are different from ordinary sliding doors, using high-grade aluminum alloy and steel, and increasing the wall thickness and width size to make the support force stronger.


Doors and windows use double-layer hollow thermal glass, while the roof is made of tempered laminated glass, with special anti-collision strips and special sealing strips sandwiched between the glass and metal frame, which can achieve rain and snow resistance, and also glass fragments stick to the film when the glass is broken, and the fragments will not fall and hurt the people in the room, ensuring people's personal safety.

How to build a glass sunroom

1. The types of glass sunrooms can be divided into two categories from architectural features: those on the top platform or in the courtyards of low-rise and low-density residential buildings such as private villas, considering the restrictions on the appearance of the building and the convenience of cleaning and maintenance on the top , The design requirements of the sunroom in the two positions are very different.


2. In terms of practicality, the glass sunroom can be divided into three types: ordinary type, leisure type, and functional type. Most of them are used as small flower houses to raise some flowers, plants, fish and insects. Because of better lighting and ventilation, it is suitable for the survival and growth of sun-loving plants.


3. Leisure type glass sunroom belongs to mid-range sunroom. This type of sunroom is larger than the ordinary type and has much better structural facilities, which is suitable for villas and private courtyards. With the addition of exquisite sunshades, the open window can become a leisure house, in which card tables, fitness equipment and other entertainment and leisure supplies can be placed. In the summer night, you can also lie on the leisure chairs and look up at the starry sky.

The above is for the glass sunroom selection precautions and glass sunroom how to build the detailed introduction, I hope to help friends who need to understand the help. Glass sunshine room brings us more leisure space, for the comfort of the later period, we must pay attention to the relevant details in the design and construction.