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Heat-reflective insulating glass

  • Author:Susie
  • Source:Internet
  • Release on:2019-09-26
The heat-reflective insulated glass is generally formed by coating one or more layers of a metal such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel or a compound thereof on the surface of the glass to make the glass surface rich in color. The film has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, suitable transmittance for visible light, high reflectivity for infrared light, and high absorption rate for ultraviolet light.

Therefore, heat-reflective glass also call solar control glass. It is one of the most produced and used products. It is often used in combination with insulating glass for architectural and glass curtain walls.

Advantages of heat-reflective insulated glass:

1. High temperature resistance. The glass coating can effectively reflect the sunlight and effectively reflect the external heat radiation.

2. Anti-scratch. The coating can better protect the glass from sand and gravel.

3. Easy to clean. The coating is not easy to be stained with dust and dirt. Only clean water can be used for cleaning, so that the glass maintains high cleanliness.

4. Super water-repellent. When the rain falls on the glass, it shrinks into water drops, effectively preventing the formation of scale.

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