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How do I choose the right windows for my home?

How do I choose the right windows for my home?


Today, modern architecture is even more inseparable from the protection of glass. The openness and excellent permeability of glass allow the building to quickly get rid of its heavyness and darkness, becoming lighter and more agile. More importantly, glass allows people inside the building to comfortably interact with the outdoors and commune with nature in a certain safety.


With the rapid development of modern building materials technology, there are more and more types of glass. Not to mention basic lighting, transparency, and safety, glass with higher performance and functions are also emerging one after another. As the core component of doors and windows, how to choose these dazzling glass?

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Choosing glass, brand is very important

The glass of doors and windows is processed from raw glass pieces. Therefore, the quality of the original film directly determines the quality of the finished glass.


Large door and window brands are screened from the source and purchased from legitimate large glass enterprises. Door and window brands with stricter quality control requirements will also use automotive grade float glass raw materials, which have the most outstanding performance in safety, flatness, transparency, and other aspects. After tempering, the self explosion rate of good glass raw materials can also be minimized to the greatest extent.


Select glass processed from float glass raw materials

Float glass is superior to ordinary glass in terms of raw materials, processing technology, processing accuracy, and quality control. Most importantly, the excellent transparency and flatness of float glass provide the best lighting, visibility, and decorative properties for building doors and windows.


KXG uses WX grade float glass raw material, which is a high-grade float glass with a low self explosion rate. And higher-level ultra white float glass, also known as the "Crystal Prince" in the glass industry, has a lower impurity content and a transmittance of over 92%. It is usually used in industries such as high-end high-rise buildings, ordinary mirror making, and automotive front bumpers.

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Choose tempered and heat soaking glass

As the largest component in building doors and windows, the safety of glass is crucial. Ordinary glass is prone to breakage, and the broken glass residue can easily cause secondary harm to the human body. Therefore, choosing tempered glass has become a standard configuration.

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The inherent characteristics of glass make it inevitable for it to self explode, but we can reduce the probability of self explosion. The probability of self explosion of tempered glass allowed by the industry is 0.1% to 0.3%. Tempered glass that has undergone thermal homogenization treatment can significantly reduce the self explosion rate and further ensure safety.

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Choose the right type of glass

There are many types of glass. The glass commonly used in building doors and windows is divided into: tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, etc. When choosing the type of glass, you should choose the most appropriate glass based on actual needs and decorative effects.


Tempered glass

Tempered glass is heat-treated glass that has higher stress and is safer than ordinary glass. It is currently the most widely used glass in building doors and windows. It should be noted that tempered glass cannot be cut after tempering. The corners are relatively fragile, so be careful to avoid stress on them.


Insulated glass

This is a combination of two or more pieces of glass. The glass is separated by hollow aluminum spacers filled with desiccant. At the same time, the hollow part is filled with dry air or inert gas, and is filled with butyl glue, polysulfide glue or silicone. Structural glue seals the glass assembly to create a dry space. It has good sound and heat insulation properties and is light in weight. It is the first choice for glass in energy-saving buildings. If warm edge spacers are used, it can prevent condensation from forming on the glass above -40°C.

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It should be noted that under certain conditions, the thicker the insulating glass, the better the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance. But everything has a degree, and the same goes for insulated glass. Hollow glass with spacing bars exceeding 16mm will gradually reduce the insulation performance of doors and windows. Therefore, insulating glass is not necessarily better with more layers of glass, also nor is it better with thicker glass. The selection of the thickness of insulating glass should be combined with the cavity of door and window profiles, the area of door and window openings, etc. Applicable scenarios: Except for sunny roofs, most exterior building doors and windows are suitable for use.


Laminated glass

Laminated glass is made by adding an organic polymer interlayer between two or more pieces of glass. After a special high-temperature and high-pressure process, the glass and the interlayer are permanently bonded together to become a high-grade safety glass. Commonly used laminated glass interlayer films include: PVB, SGP, etc.

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At the same thickness, laminated glass has a significant effect in blocking medium and low-frequency sound waves, which is better than insulating glass. This is due to the physical effect of its PVB laminated layer. As for the more annoying mid- and low-frequency noises in life, such as the vibration of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the buzz of the passing subway, etc., laminated glass can play a very good role in isolating it.

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The PVB interlayer has excellent toughness. When the glass is broken by external impact, the PVB interlayer can absorb a large amount of shock waves and is difficult to penetrate. When the glass breaks, it can still remain in the frame and not fall apart. It is a true safety glass.


In addition, laminated glass also has a very high UV isolation function, with an isolation rate of over 90%, which is very suitable for protecting valuable indoor furniture, displays, artworks, etc. from the effects of UV rays.


Applicable scenarios: conservatory roofs, skylights, high-end curtain wall doors and windows, spaces with medium and low-frequency noise interference, indoor partitions, guardrails and other scenes with high safety and sound insulation requirements.


In a sense, there would be no modern architecture without glass. As an indispensable subsystem of architectural glass, KXG is almost strict in the selection of glass raw materials. Glass raw materials are provided by several well-known raw material suppliers. It focuses on high-quality glass deep processing. Its products have passed ISO9001 international certification, national 3C certification, Australia AS/NS2208 certification, American ANSI certification, European EN12150 certification, etc., provide customers with high-quality and guaranteed glass, allowing customers to use KXG's glass products with confidence.

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Excellent products also require professional use. KXG will provide the most professional suggestions based on different architectural design styles and customer needs, and use the most scientific product portfolio to customize the most comprehensive door and window solutions for customers. This is the best interpretation of KXG's design for a better life.