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How much do you know about the safety of door and window glass besides self explosion?

How much do you know about the safety of door and window glass besides self explosion?


Glass has the function of space amplification and decorative effect. Glass accounts for at least 70% of doors and windows, so the quality of glass plays a vital role in doors and windows.

Tempered glass has always given people a good impression of safety and security. Then here comes the problem! Regarding the safety issues of tempered glass, what causes glass to self-explode?

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About the cause of glass self-explosion

1. Instability of the float glass

The float glass sheet itself contains impurities such as nickel sulfide. During the glass manufacturing process, if bubbles and impurities are not completely eliminated, they may rapidly expand and cause rupture under changes in temperature or pressure.

The more impurities and bubbles inside, the higher the self explosion rate. The current glass production technology cannot completely eliminate the presence of nickel sulfide impurities, so the self explosion of glass cannot be completely avoided, which is also an inherent characteristic of glass.

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2. Thermal stress caused by extreme weather conditions

The thermal stress caused by temperature changes, also known as thermal burst. When the indoor air conditioning is turned on and the outdoor sunlight is exposed in summer, the temperature on the glass surface suddenly increases or decreases. The thermal stress difference formed between the inside and outside may lead to cracks and breakage. Meanwhile, extreme weather such as typhoons and rain may also cause glass to burst.

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3. Unprofessional installation leads to self-destruction

The construction workers were unprofessional and failed to keep a safe distance of 5~10mm between the glass and the surrounding aluminum frame, or they forced the glass into the small aluminum frame. The glass was directly pressed against the edge of the aluminum frame, causing the edge to explode due to force.


After ordinary glass bursts, its sharp edges and corners are extremely easy to harm people, which is a major safety hazard at home. Tempered glass has an impact strength 3-5 times that of ordinary glass. Even if it unfortunately bursts, glass fragments will not splash, and its safety performance is higher. Therefore, choosing high-quality tempered glass is very important. KXG's door and window glass selects high quality Xinyi glass to reduce the possibility of glass self-explosion from the source.


Regarding the purchasing channels for glass

Purchasing safety is essential for safe use. When purchasing doors and windows, it is important to understand not only the details and functions of the door and window products but also the origin of the door and window glass. Therefore, when choosing doors and windows, we can correspondingly understand whether the original glass pieces of doors and windows come from well-known brands and whether they meet qualified standards. Choose a brand manufacturer to provide additional security for our doors and windows!

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Regarding the size of glass area

We all know that the safety index of glass is much lower than that of walls, so the glass of home doors and windows should not be too large unless necessary. The larger the glass area, the greater the pressure on the profile structure, and the greater the probability of door and window bouncing and shaking; Moreover, with the increase of the glass area of french window, the thickness and strength of single glass should also be improved accordingly, so that the glass has sufficient wind pressure resistance.


On the issue of glass safety, KXG company and Xinyi Glass Company signed a purchase agreement to ensure that every piece of white glass we use is Xinyi WS grade glass. The company has a special homogenization furnace equipment, the glass heating high temperature homogenization heat immersion treatment, to achieve quality improvement. The goal is to keep the faulty glass, which is prone to the risk of self-explosion, in the factory.

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Doors and windows are the first line of defense for home safety protection. In order to prevent glass self explosion, when selecting and evaluating the safety index of a door and window, we should comprehensively evaluate it from aspects such as material selection, door and window performance, technical process support, and detail treatment.