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How to choose bathroom shower glass partition

How to choose bathroom shower glass partition


Wet and dry separation is a necessary item in bathroom decoration. Damp and dry separation refers to dividing the shower area and bathroom area to ensure that their respective spaces are not disturbed by each other. Generally, the shower room uses a glass partition, and the simple one is to use the shower curtain as the division of the dry and wet areas. However, since the size of the bathroom in each family is different, the suitable methods for bathrooms of various sizes are also different. So what are the dry and wet separation methods in small family bathrooms?

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The role of the shower room partition

When renovating a bathroom, many people choose to install a semicircular shower room. This type of shower room is more closed than a shower partition. Poor ventilation can breed bacteria, and bathing in it can also feel very depressing, especially since the bathroom area is relatively small door model is more crowded, The shower partition installation is also simpler than the shower room installation, it also looks clean atmosphere, so generally can choose a flat tempered glass partition is chosen for a simple dry wet separation.

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What should we pay attention to when using glass partitions?

Glass partitions are clean and bright, and are suitable for various decoration styles. If the bathroom is not very large, you can choose tempered glass. If the partition has a large space and a large load-bearing capacity, you can choose laminated glass. It is best the shower room uses frosted glass to protect privacy, and the bathroom for the whole family will not be affected. There are also more advanced ones that can automatically change color and switch. When a person turns around, the glass will automatically change color and become blurred.

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Finally, there is a safety issue. The selected glass must be highly qualified, as there is a risk of bursting if it is not qualified. Generally, if you choose tempered glass, it will become granular if it breaks, and it will not cause too much damage.

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Material of shower glass partition frame

There are generally two types of materials for the partition frame of the shower room, one is stainless steel and the other is aluminum alloy. Personally, I prefer stainless steel.  Compared to traditional transparent white adhesive strips, this black sealant strip is more resistant to dirt and dirt, and it will not turn yellow or hard over time.


How to choose shower glass partitions

The most important thing about shower partitions is glass. We need to choose tempered glass, and this glass needs to be chamfered in the corner to prevent wear and tear. Everyone knows that this kind of glass is the most fragile point, which is not easy to burst in the four corners. There is a choice of hardware, good hardware gently pushes and pulls particularly smoothly, and poor quality hardware accessories push and pull laboriously even push cannot be moved. And the pulley to be good airtight to prevent water from entering easily, in order to ensure the smoothness of the pulley. The adhesive strip is also very important, otherwise, water will enter the gap.

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Other methods for separating wet and dry areas in the bathroom

Glass partitions in bathrooms have many advantages, but they also have drawbacks. As most partitions are made of glass, glass cleaning is also quite troublesome. It is difficult to clean the inside of the slide rails, and the most important thing is to occupy space, especially in small bathroom units.


If the bathroom is relatively small, you can choose to make a simple partition, which can be made into a brick half wall, which can solve the problem of dry and wet separation and is very beautiful!

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Alternatively, the simplest and most cost-effective way is to create a simple shower curtain that can be easily and conveniently pulled up and ventilated during use. Additionally, there are various colors and patterns that can be paired with various decoration styles.