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Have you chosen glass for your sunroom roof? Break down the rumor that the roof cannot use glass

Have you chosen glass for your sunroom roof? Break down the rumor that the roof cannot use glass


There is no need to worry too much when installing a glass daylighting roof for a sunroom. Choosing a legitimate business can be used with confidence. Many users are worried that using a glass roof will cause it to explode and fall down and hit people. They are completely overly worried.

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Sunrooms are mostly built on balconies or terraces. In order to maximize the lighting effect, large areas of glass are used as exterior walls or lighting roofs.

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It is precisely because of the use of glass that people are inevitably worried. details as follows:

1. The glass self-explodes and hurts people

Glass self-explosion means that the glass surface has not suffered any damage, and it will self-explain. The reason may be that the glass on the roof of the sunroom expands and contracts with heat and contracts, and the force on the four corners is uneven. The self-explosion of glass is uncontrollable, and tempered glass has the risk of self-explosion.

Although self-destruction is a low-probability event, the 1% probability of it falling on the person is still very dangerous.

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2. Hot summer and cold winter

Or because of the glass, some people are always worried that the indoor temperature of a glass house will rise sharply due to sun exposure in the summer, and will not have the effect of keeping warm in the winter.


3. Water leakage problem

Unlike ordinary buildings, the structure of the conservatory is made of aluminum alloy and glass, and glue is used to fill the gaps. Inexperienced installation workers or glue with poor quality will cause water leakage problems.


So can glass be used as the roof of a conservatory? Of course no problem! Just pay attention to the following points.

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1. Choose laminated glass

The self-explosion of glass is mostly caused by the use of single-layer glass or ordinary double-layer glass. To prevent the self-explosion of glass, you can choose laminated glass. Even if the glass self-explodes, the glass fragments will stick to the film to prevent the glass fragments from hurting people. If you have enough budget, choose tempered laminated insulated glass is the best.


2. Sun protection measures and heat preservation measures

There are two methods of sun protection. One is to choose Low-e laminated insulating glass, which is coated with a UV-blocking film on the glass surface to block the heat in summer; insulating glass can heat preservation in winter.

The second is to use sunshades on the roof of the glass house to block direct sunlight.

The above measures can isolate most of the heat, and then use broken bridge doors and windows to achieve the effect of keeping the sun room warm in winter and cool in summer.


3. Construction by regular merchants

To avoid the terrace room glass top water leakage, we must choose the regular businesses, their construction team is more experienced, and the quality of the materials used is guaranteed. 

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To summarize, with a sufficient budget, choose Low-e tempered laminated insulated glass, use broken bridge aluminum structure for doors and windows, install sunshades, and choose legitimate merchants.

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After all, building a sunroom is to enjoy the sunshine and a wide view. If the glass roof of the sunroom is replaced with other materials that affect the visual experience, it will not be lost.