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If The Glass Is Toughened Can It Be Cut

If The Glass Is Toughened Can It Be Cut


Tempered glass is one of the most commonly used materials in construction and commercial buildings. Whether in museums, retail stores, offices, restaurants, or other public places. Common applications include windows, doors, shelves, partitions, and tabletops. However, after the tempering process is completed, you will not be able to cut the glass.

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Tempering can enhance the strength of glass and improve its durability under pressure. If subjected to impact or damage, tempering can ensure that the glass breaks into small cobblestone-like fragments, rather than sharp dangerous fragments. Health and safety regulations typically require its use, especially in areas with high pedestrian traffic.

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This process is more popular because it strengthens the glass and increases safety measures at a reasonable cost. Due to the fact that glass can break into small pieces when subjected to too much impact or pressure, it cannot be cut.


Can you cut tempered glass to adjust the size?


The size of the tempered glass you ordered is not suitable. Can you cut and repair it?

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Sometimes there may be a discrepancy in the glass you ordered. It may be the wrong shape or size. These types of problems cannot always be fixed.


The first step in the manufacturing process is to cut the glass into the desired shape, undergo a tempering process, and then rapidly cool it to strengthen the glass and make it more durable. It is best to cooperate with reputable manufacturers, whose tempering process is based on ASTM international standards. This includes ensuring the correct positions of countersunk holes, notches, and holes, glass thickness and dimensions, edge distance requirements, and minimum width.

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Kunxing Glass Company offers a further tempering guarantee as a Safety Glass Certification Council (SGCC) accredited tempering company.


The size, shape and dimension of the glass application cannot be changed after tempering.

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Therefore, it is critical to determine the proper dimensions prior to tempering. If not, it may need to be reordered, which will cost extra time and money, so when a customer purchases tempered glass, we will need to get the customer to determine the final dimensions, to avoid the customer having to modify the glass dimensions after the glass has been tempered, the original size of the tempered glass has also caused a waste.

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Accurate measurements are essential to ensure that your tempered glass project has the exact shape and size you need. For this reason, it's best to work with a reputable glass manufacturer that possesses specific attributes, for example, extensive experience. For more information, please contact the KXG team to provide you with the project solutions.