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How to choose the shower glass partition?

How to choose the shower glass partition?

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-05-08 17:33:56
The shower glass is the common dry and wetarea partition of our family bathroom. It not only can extend the angle of viewin space, but also is more beautiful, and more reasonable use of limited space.Since there are so many benefits, you must take it home immediately. Do you know how to choose a glass partition?

1. Discern

When the tempered glass is carefully viewed, there will be a faint pattern. The knuckles are knocked on the glass,the tempered glass sounds crisper, and the ordinary glass sound is dull.

2. Glass

Imperfections or process defects in theproduction of shower glass partition materials can cause defects such as noiseand bubbles in the glass, and reduce the hardness and strength of the glass.

3. Aluminum

Bathroom shower glass partition framealuminum often needs to support the weight of the glass. If the hardness andthickness are not good, the service life of the bathroom glass door will beshort, and the hardness and thickness of all aluminum materials are importantevaluation indicators. The thickness of the qualified bathroom glass door aluminum is above 1.2mm, and the upper glass hanging glass should be 1.5mm ormore. The hardness of aluminum can be tested by hand-pressed aluminum frame.Aluminum with a hardness of 13 degrees or more is difficult for adults todeform by hand.

Shower glass door

4. Pulley

The wheel base of the pulley should usematerials that are resistant to pressure and heavy, such as 304 stainless steeland high-end synthetic materials. The sealing of the wheel seat is good, thewater vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheel isguaranteed.

5. The adjustment function of the wallmaterial and wall clamp

The wall material wall clip is the aluminummaterial connected to the bathroom glass door and the wall. Because the tiltingof the wall and the offset of the installation will cause the glass of the wallto be twisted, the glass self-explosion occurs. Therefore, even the wallmaterial should have the vertical and horizontal adjustment function, so thatthe aluminum material can be twisted with the wall and the installation toeliminate the distortion of the glass and avoid the self-explosion of theglass.

6. Is the design of the shower glasspartition user-friendly?

Boutique rack, sealed magnetic strip,buffer device.

7. Certificate

The quality inspection certificate andpatent certificate of the shower glass partition are the direct manifestationof product quality.

There are many precautions for the choiceof shower glass partitions, because it is related to whether the use after usis practical and convenient, so we must pay more attention.