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Sun room glass decoration points and design details

Sun room glass decoration points and design details

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-05-07 20:12:42
One: floor tiles
When the owner plans the garden in the exclusive sun room glass, the floor tiles do not need to be laid flat, and it is better to have gullies. This has certain advantages for retaining water and soil. Natural geological features are also adopted in such a more environmentally friendly way. The corner of the roof's floor drain is appropriately lowered to make some excess moisture in the soil drained from the floor drain. In addition, it is necessary to lay a separator layer similar to non-woven fabric on the board to prevent the water from taking away the sediment during the process of leaking and even blocking the pipeline.

Two: plants
When the owner of the sun room needs to plant some natural plants in the sun room, please pay attention to the selection of plant species that are like hot and humid. Because some sun rooms have longer sunshine hours, and the general sealing performance of the sun room is better.

sun room double glazing glass

Three: lockers
When the owner of the sun room needs to arrange a corner in the sun room to make a locker, there must be no plants in the corner. Otherwise, pay attention to the moisture-proof treatment of the locker.

Four: Sun room drainage system
When designing the sun room, pay attention to the setting of the drainage system, especially the area of ​​the pool should not be too large. If the water volume is large, it will easily overflow, and the long-term will cause damage to the safety of the building. The design of the sun room must have doors and windows for ventilation and ventilation.