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West African customers order a tour in KXG.

West African customers order a tour in KXG.

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD The original. 2019-05-05 12:11:23
Beijing time, May 4.Th, KXG receives clients from West African countries. They arrived in China on May 3 and made an official visit on May 4. KXG has been honored as the first company to visit.

Mohammed mostly buys glass curtain walls for private buildings. Glass curtain walls of modern building use. Insulated glass. With a combination of plain glass and regular glass, the interior is filled with dry air or inert gas. Insulated glass is double and triple. The double glazed mirror is sealed by a double glazed glass to form a sandwich space. The triple lens is composed of three lenses of glass space and two spaces. Insulated glass has the advantages of sound insulation, thermal insulation, anti-frost proof, moisture proof and high air pressure resistance.

In the summer of many countries and regions in Africa, double-layer insulation glass can block 90% of the sun's heat. Theresa can still get through the glass curtain wall, but most of the sun is not so hot. Rooms with hollow glass curtain walls can comfortably warm andcool in the summer, improving the living environment.

After leading clients to visit the arts, he became increasingly familiar with the installation of glass and the structure of the walls, the hidden frame curtains. The metal frame of the curtain wall, the hidden frame is hidden behind the glass, and the metal frame is not visible outside. The characteristic of the curtain wall of the E11 glass hinges is that the glass is outside the aluminum frame and the glass is glued to the aluminum frame by a silicone structure. The load on the curtain wall is mainly absorbed by the welder.

With a clear target, customers have quickly chosen 6mm. Tempered glass. + 9mm + 6mm low lens in a few hours of negotiation. And also prompted us to check if the deposit had been received. Kunxing lens, your trusted partner.