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How to distinguish between tempered glass and ordinary glass

How to distinguish between tempered glass and ordinary glass


Tempered glass is a kind of pre-stressed glass,in order to improve the strength of glass,usually using chemical or physical methods to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass,so that the mechanical strength of the glass increases several times,enhancing the glass itself to resist wind pressure,heat and cold,impact,etc.

tempered glass safety glass

The tempered glass made by KXG factory,using physical tempering method,is usually compounded with other processes for curtain wall buildings,guardrails,etc.As for ordinary glass,our most daily contact should be window glass,which is mainly used for doors and windows,interior decoration,etc.

tempered glass safety laminated glass

Although both have their own application areas,but they are still very different,in the purchase,if you do not know,do not understand how to distinguish,may be deceived by the businessman,therefore,advance understanding of how to determine whether the glass is tempered glass?So,how to judge it?

The first is that we will be printed on the certification logo in the glass corners before tempering,if there is tempered glass.But there is another problem here,that is fake,if the logo mark is the one that can't be scraped off,it is real,but if the logo mark you buy can be wiped off by hand,it can basically be concluded that it is fake tempered glass.

CCC certificate logo certification standards

Because the processing procedure of tempered glass is to first cut ordinary float glass to the required size,then edging,cleaning,and printing with the national compulsory ce rtification mark with ink,the glass after entering the tempering furnace cannot be cut or In processing,the ink cannot be scraped off under normal circumstances after passing through high temperature.

The glass of KXG factory is certified and produced by testing institutions,and the quality is guaranteed.We can provide the certificate logo of many countries,and also provide the service of customizing the logo pattern that customers need.

The second is to look at the curvature of the glass.Tempered glass is curved,while ordinary glass is straight and has no curvature.So how do we look at it?We need to look at it from the side,there is a little curved is tempered glass,no curved is ordinary glass.

normal glass broken sharp hurt people

The third is to see the glass fragments.Ordinary glass in the broken,it is in large pieces,with sharp angles,easy to hurt people;tempered glass broken,it has a granular obtuse angle,which is not easy to hurt people,and its safety is higher than that of ordinary glass.At present,the home and the market with glass,most of the tempered laminated or insulated glass is the main,especially the high-rise buildings,the glass requirements are more stringent.

toughened tempered glass broken not heart people

KXG factory mainly performs tempered,laminated and insulated glass,and is able to provide composite processed glass in different shapes,so feel free to contact us if you need.