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How to remove the floor spring glass door?

How to remove the floor spring glass door?

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-05-17 10:38:30
The glass door is a special kind of door leaf. First of all, its thickness is not enough to be a solid door, and it is not a special-shaped door. In fact, it is a special form of door leaf. Glass door tempered glass and ordinary float glass are generally made of glass with a thickness of 12mm. The tempered glass is both strong and safe.

Glass door repair method: remove the floor spring glass door

First step of removing the spring glass door: use a Phillips screw driver to pry off the small clip stainless steel on the upper corner of the door. Put a soft carpet on the bottom of the door and use a 5mm hex wrench to lower the 2 small screws that fix the small silver iron fitting inside the clip and lift the door. Put a thing under the door and lift the door out of the spring shaft. Lift the door and let it go.

Glass door

Demolition of the spring glass door Step two: Remove the stainless steel cover on the glass and the lower clamp on the door, and open the door to the 90-degree positioning point. Use the things to pad the handle to open the lower corner of the door, oneself to hold the door, and the other one with a 6-point spoon to screw the fixed sleeve of the upper and lower door clamps of the door, take off the sleeve to get the door down. If only the upper door clamp sleeve of the door is taken down, the door slant is tilted a little, and the door can be lifted higher when the position is sufficient, so that the lower door clamp sleeve of the door is not removed.

The third step of removing the ground spring glass door: Using the following method, one foot is stepped on the floor spring cover, and a hole can be seen at the top of the door. The hole has a screw that can be loosened with a screwdriver. Place the carpet at the bottom of the door and loosen the screws inside the hole. Usually the screw reveals the hole and the outer shaft of the spring leaf can be disengaged. The door leaf is tilted and lifted obliquely upward to disengage the ground spring shaft. Move the door leaf together with the carpet to the door or the door to facilitate local movement, and the ground spring door is disassembled.

Glass door repair: precautions for removing the floor spring glass door

When removing the glass door, make sure that the floor spring door is fitted with a solid door frame that is still fitted with a glass clip. With the physical door frame fittings, open the door to the 90-degree positioning point of view, use the things to pad the handle to open the lower corner of the door, oneself to support the door, and the other one to adjust the accessory screw on the top of the door with a screwdriver, the screw is lowered, the fitting The shaft will be retracted and the door will be removed when it is adjusted to a certain height.

When the floor spring body can be completely placed in the ground groove, the solid spring body can be stabilized, but cement can also be used, but the cement solidifies for a longer period of time. Remove the ground spring body, add an appropriate amount of quick-drying powder in the ground tank, stir the water until the viscosity is appropriate, and then put it into the ground spring body, and use a rubber hammer or a wooden block to hit the ground spring with a hammer to make the floor spring You can restore the surface level to the surrounding ground, then take the plumb line to find the spring axis position and fine-tune the spring body.

Door glass

The end of the service life of the ground spring is that the shaft oil leakage and the elastic force are weakened. If the shaft axis of the sun shaft and the ground spring main shaft are not strictly perpendicular to the ground, the movement of the door leaf will bring great torque to the floor spring and increase the main shaft. Wear between the bearing and the shaft causes oil leakage. The spring will inevitably weaken the elasticity after long-term stretching.

When performing glass door maintenance, you need to pay special attention to the installation of the spring. As long as the floor spring is installed, the glass door can be used better.