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How to remove the glass glue on the glass?

How to remove the glass glue on the glass?

Susie Internet 2019-09-28 16:47:06
When glass is installed on a building, sometimes glass glue will stick to the glass surface. This is to make the window or door glass look dirty and very ugly, so how to remove the glass glue on the glass?

1. If there is a large area of glass glue on the glass, we can go to the hardware store to buy a putty knife, then carefully scrape it. Tempered glass have a good flexibility. Deflection angle of tempered glass is 3-4 times larger than of float glass of the same thickness. So use a knife to carefully scrape the glass glue on the glass, it will not scratch the glass surface.

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2. If the area of the glass glue on the glass is not large, we can use the banana water to gently wipe it a few times, the edge will be removed and then you can use a small knife to cut, the glass can leave no trace.

3. After the glass glue is a little harder, take a card that is not used (such as a membership card etc) and slowly scrape the glass glue on the glass along the glass surface. Because the card is soft, it is not easy to damage the glass surface.

4. If there is a layer of grease on the glass after scraping the glass glue, we can use a cotton cloth to soak the soda or mineral spirits to wipe the grease on the glass.

5. If the self-adhesive paper on the glass has not been torn off, we can use the hair dryer to adjust the heat file, while blowing the edge of the adhesive paper, tear off the self-adhesive paper. This will leave no glue at all, even if it leaves a small amount of glue, it can be chemically reacted with it.

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