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Internet celebrity Moru Pattern Glass features and applications

Internet celebrity Moru Pattern Glass features and applications


Moru Pattern Glass, the most obvious attribute is that it has vertical line stripes throughout its body, very regular and simple. It comes with the same blurring effect as the common frosted glass.


Then you will ask, why not use frosted glass?

Although there is no difference in optical performance between frosted glass and Moru Pattern Glass, they can both play a role in light transmission, but frosted glass lacks regularity and is light-transmitting but impervious to color. For the situation where rich colors want to be displayed through glass, the feedback effect is too weak.

pattern glass decorated design

And Moru Pattern Glass comes with a filter effect, light and color transmission, used as an indoor partition or glass sliding door are very suitable.


As a new Internet celebrity in the home furnishing industry, Moru Pattern Glass is shy, hazy, and dreamy, the impression of if not always inadvertently tantalizes the heart.

cabinet doors pattern glass design

Moru Pattern Glass has so many advantages, where would you choose to use it in your home?


Used for partitions. Moru Pattern Glass is also very suitable as a partition! It can block a certain line of sight, make each space independent of the other, and the good light transmission will not appear oppressive. The vertical stripes enlarge the interior space, and the transparency of the glass keeps the home separated.

home bedroom partition glass wall

It can be used in the entrance partition to protect the privacy of the living room; it can also be used as a balcony partition, when the afternoon light is strong, use the pattern glass as a partition, covering the hot sunlight, so that the space remains comfortable, transparent and bright; it can also be used as a bathroom partition when the dark bathroom needs light but worried about privacy? Still dislike the "dirty" feeling of matte? Moru Pattern Glass can easily insulate water vapor, and at the same time, it can transmit light and prevent shadows. It also has a good decorative effect indoors; as a kitchen partition, you can faintly see your mother's busy figure, enhancing the sense of family involvement.

cabinet glass doors design

For cabinet doors. If you're tired of the same old thick wooden cabinet doors and long for the quality of life where you can glimpse a pile of dishes and utensils, but don't want to bring sanitary cleaning problems due to dust accumulation, then I can't think of a better choice than Moru Pattern Glass.


Moru Pattern Glass is installed on the cabinet window door, which improves the overall grade of the home. It has a dignified fireworks atmosphere, and it in line with the small qualifications of modern young people.

cabinet pattern glass privacy doors

For decoration. More and more people are beginning to choose small decorations with Moru Pattern Glass elements to decorate their homes, such as vases, fruit bowls, and even small ornaments. Moru Pattern Glass material, like the surface of the water with sparkling ripples, the sunlight passed over, will also form a rainbow of colors on the ground, very beautiful!