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Is laminated glass worth it?

Is laminated glass worth it?

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-11-22 14:33:39
The price of safety laminated glass is higher than ordinary glass. Is this worth the money? Today, let’s talk about laminated glass.

In life, we often see the use of glass. We can also use the advantages of glass in home design. For example, it can increase the visual transparency of the space, which is beneficial to indoor lighting. However, many owners worry that glass is fragile and hurts children, so they dare not use it on a large scale. However, this problem does not occur with laminated glass.

tempered laminated glass

Laminated glass refers to a composite glass obtained by sandwiching an EVA film, a SGP film or a PVB film between two or more layers of glass and subjected to a high temperature process. The tempered laminated glass is not as brittle as ordinary glass, and the broken glass sticks together and does not produce sharp fragments that can injure people.Therefore, even if the glass is broken by external attacks, it also has certain defense capabilities.

tempered laminated glass broken

Secondly, although the thickness of the laminated glass is thicker than ordinary glass, it does not affect the indoor lighting and transparency at all. The laminated not only can reduce noise, block ultraviolet rays from entering the room, but also can protect the surface color of the furniture electrical appliances in the room and reduce the consumption of heating and cooling. It is the primary choice for many large office buildings and high-rise residential windows and glass balustrade.

laminated glass railing

Moreover, the middle of the laminated glass can also be embedded with fabric and different colors and shapes(fabric laminated glass). The decorative effect is much better than ordinary glass, and different decorative patterns can be selected according to the different styles of the home decoration.

fabric laminated glass

In summary,the laminated glass is worth it.