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How is laminated glass made?

How is laminated glass made?

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-11-20 11:05:40
Laminated glass is a composite glass product in which two or more pieces of glass are sandwiched between one or more layers of organic polymer interlayer film and treated by a special high temperature and high pressure process to permanently bond the glass and the intermediate film.

tempered laminated glass

Commonly used laminated glass interlayer films are: PVB, SGP, EVA, etc. In addition, there is a colored interlayer film laminated glass.

color laminated glass

The most commonly produced in our factory is tempered laminated glass. First, we need to clean the surface of the tempered glass and put the glass into the laminated workshop. The PVB/SGP film was placed in the middle of two pieces of tempered glass by the staff inside the laminated workshop.

laminated glass workshop

After the glass is finished in the laminated workshop, the tempered laminated glass needs to be sent into the autoclave, and all the steps of making the laminated glass are completed after the tempered laminated glass is discharged from the autoclave.

If you want to know more detail, please visit our video: How is laminated glass made?

laminated glass