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Decorative glass application

Decorative glass application

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-11-11 14:33:46

Silkscreen printing glass and digital printing glass

Silkscreen printing glass and digital printing glass can display a vivid and colorful picture, enhancing the decorative nature of the building. The silkscreen printing glass and digital printing glass is mostly used for interior decoration, and can also be used in combination with laminated, insulated and other glass to synthesize composite products such as printing laminated insulated glass to obtain special properties for other purposes.

digital printing glass

Fabric Laminated glass

Fabric Laminated glass is a type of safety glass. Its main characteristics are good safety, the pattern can be customized, and when broken, the glass fragments do not fly apart, and only radial cracks can be generated, which will not hurt people. The impact strength is better than ordinary flat glass, and the protection is good. It has special functions such as light resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, cold resistance and sound insulation. Used for indoor partitions.

fabric laminated glass

Patterned glass

The surface of the patterned glass has a pattern, which can transmit light, and can also block the line of sight, and has the characteristics of light transmissive and opaque. It has excellent decorative effect. Mainly used for doors and windows, indoor compartments, toilets and other places.
The perspective of patterned glass varies with distance and pattern. Its perspective can be divided into: almost transparent visible; slightly transparent visible; almost obscured invisible and completely obscured invisible. Its specifications are many, divided into diamond embossing, square embossing and so on.

patterned glass

Acid etched tempered glass

Acid etched tempered glass can be used in all glass doors, office partitions, bathrooms, etc. where enhanced indoor privacy is required.

acid etched tempered glass