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Is tempered glass resistant to high temperatures?

  • Source:KXG
  • Release on:2021-05-11

We often use tempered glass when we are decorating our houses. Is tempered glass resistant to high temperatures?

High temperature resistance, its high temperature resistance performance is related to its thickness, the size of the wind force used during tempering, and the size of the tempering furnace. Under normal circumstances, tempered glass has 3-5 times higher impact strength than float glass of the same thickness.

tempered glass

What are the characteristics of tempered glass?

It is considered to be a class with excellent safety and also a pre-stressed type. It improves the strength of ordinary models through physical or chemical means, forms stress on its outer layer, and offsets the outer layer stress when it is stressed, so that the load-bearing performance can be obtained. Improved, and each performance has also been strengthened.

1.It has excellent strength. After tempering, its mechanical resistance, impact resistance, and bending resistance are all 4 to 5 times that of the normal model.

2. Its thermal stability is good, and it will not easily break even if it is subjected to a large temperature difference. Its resistance to temperature changes is three times that of the normal model with the same thickness.

tempered glass

3.The safety performance is very good. After the toughened glass is damaged vigorously, it will show tiny obtuse-angled particles, which can maintain personal safety. We can see it in the fields of furniture, construction, decoration, etc. The most common use It is also a place with a large temperature difference, which is usually used as the original sheet of insulating glass and interlayer.

KXG summary: The above is some information about tempered glass. From the above article, we can see that the high temperature resistance of tempered glass depends on its thickness, the wind force during tempering and the size of the tempering furnace. The performance of tempered glass is better than that of ordinary glass. Its strength, thermal stability, and safety have been improved. It is necessary to use it in the right place during decoration to maximize its effectiveness.

tempered glass