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Knowledge points when glass tempering

  • Source:Internet
  • Release on:2020-11-09

Friends who are interested in the production process of tempered glass can click into this article. We will introduce several knowledge points of tempering furnace.

KXG- glass tempering furnace

1. The heating of glass in the tempering furnace is mainly carried out through three methods: heat convection, heat radiation and heat conduction.

2. In a tempering furnace, approximately 60-70% of the heat gained by the glass is obtained by heat transfer through the roll.

3. 7090% of the change in the flatness of tempered glass is caused by the temperature change of the roller.

KXG-glass tempering furnace

4. For larger size glass (generally referring to glass size above 1500mm×1500mm), the heating time is longer than that of ordinary size glass of the same thickness.

5. The success of glass tempering mainly depends on where the glass temperature is lowest. The temperature drop of the tempering furnace cannot be well supplemented and will cause the glass to explode in the cooling section of the tempering furnace.

6. The heating process of glass in the tempering furnace is a process of rapid heating and then gradually soaking.

KXG-glass tempering furnace

7. The heating time of glass with holes and grooves is increased by 2.5% to 5% compared with the same specification glass during tempering.

8. The heating time of glass with an angle of less than 30° in the tempering furnace is reduced by 2.5% to 5% compared with ordinary glass. When entering the tempering furnace, the waste glass should be placed next to the sharp corners to prevent the sharp corners from absorbing heat too quickly and causing bending.

9. The pigments on silkscreen printing glass must be dried before tempering. And when entering the tempering furnace, the glass surface is up.


10. When the coated glass enters the tempering furnace, in order to protect the film surface, the film surface must face upward.

KXG-coated glass