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Kunxing Glass attend the 125th Canton Fair

Kunxing Glass attend the 125th Canton Fair

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Original 2019-04-19 14:24:42

China Import and Export Fair, also known asthe Canton Fair, was founded in 1957. It is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn.It is the world's longest, largest and most comprehensive internationalexhibition.At present, the scale of each Canton Fairis 1.185 million square meters, with nearly 25,000 exhibitors and about 200,000overseas buyers from more than 210 countries and regions.

Spring Festival 2019 was the 125th CantonFair, and KXG Kunxing Glass Kevin and Aaron attended the Canton fair. The CantonFair is an opportunity for both exhibitors and buyers to talk business face toface, to obtain better partners and opportunities, on the other hand, to shownew designs and new products in the industry.

It is not difficult to see in theexhibition that there are many ceramics, floor, light and aluminum products inthe construction industry.

During the visit, it can be found thatthere is not much glass content in the building materials of the Canton Fair.But at the same time, there are still old partners in the industry to show. Kunxing Glass learned new knowledge andexperience from it. This will have more ideas for participating in theexhibition in the future.

During the exhibition, we found that thereis not much building glass factory or building glass supplier in the building materialsarea of the Canton Fair. KXG kunxing glass is one of the most professionalbuilding glass factory in China since 2004. Our new products like smart glass,SGP low iron tempered laminated glass, silkscreen printing tempered glass forkitchen splash back and energy saving insulated glass or triple glazed glass.

If you are interested in our glassproducts, welcome to visit our factory to take a look how we produce and processglass for your projects. We are the real glass factory not trading company, soif you cooperate with us, your will make good profits the most important isthat your business is safe. While the trading company they maybe can give you avery cheapest price at the beginning, but actually they can’t control glassquality either delivery on time. The worse is their supplier will use very badmaterials to process your order. Finally you maybe lose clients lose money whenyou received their glass. They also won’t replace glass for you. Did you meetthis kind situation before? What kind of supplier do you want to choose?