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Quality test of tempered insulated glass(dew point test)

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  • Release on:2020-10-20

When the outdoor temperature is minus 80 degrees, will there be condensation in the air layer of the insulated glass?

This experiment tests the quality of insulated glass windows/doors in extreme weather. As we all know, general insulated glass consists of two pieces of glass and an air layer (of course, there are also special laminated insulated glass and two or three air layers of insulated glass). The experiment we did this time is to observe whether the air layer of the insulated glass will condense when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large in winter.

KXG tempered insulated glass quality inspection

In the experiment, we lowered the temperature of one of the glass surfaces of the insulated glass(Imitate the condition of the glass curtain wall/insulated glass window outdoor in winter). The other piece of insulated glass is at room temperature (imitating the glass of insulating glass indoors).

As shown in the picture, place the dew point meter on the insulated glass. Adding alcohol and dry ice to the dew point meter can immediately lower the temperature of the dew point meter. In this experiment, we kept the temperature of the dew point meter at minus 80 degrees Celsius for five minutes. From the picture, we can see that because the temperature is too low, a layer of frost has formed on the dew point meter and the glass surface.

KXG tempered insulated glass quality inspection

After removing the dew point meter, we can see that in the case of minus 80 degrees Celsius, the insulated glass only has a layer of frost on the surface of the glass that touches the dew point meter. The air layer and the glass on the other side are the same as usual, completely unaffected by the low temperature of the dew point meter.

If you want to watch the KXG insulated glass dew point test video, please click here to watch the full video.