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The first winner of the 2020 EVOLO skyscraper competition has been announced

  • Source:Internet
  • Release on:2020-05-27

EVOLO magazine recently announced the winners of the 2020 skyscraper competition. The competition was founded in 2006 to challenge the public's understanding of traditional vertical skyscrapers and their relationship with the surrounding nature and built environment through novel visual presentations in terms of technology, materials, aesthetics and spatial structure.

Today, lets take a look at the first place of this years contest, the EPIDEMIC BABEL work submitted by the Chinese team, the team members are D Lee, Gavin Shen, Weiyuan Xu and Xinhao Yuan.

Epidemic Babel: Healthcare Emergency Skyscraper

Pictures from the Internet

The work aims to imagine and present a hospital skyscraper that developed rapidly during the epidemic disease. The building has a steel frame and glass curtain wall as the main structure, and through the free movement of the programmed module box to meet the changing needs of the situation.

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