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KXG new product---Jumbo size tempered insulated glass

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  • Release on:2020-05-30

Insulated glass is mainly used in glass curtain walls, glass doors and windows and other places. The curtain walls we see in our daily life are composed of ordinary sized insulated glass. Have you seen the oversized version of the insulated glass exterior wall?

Insulated glass curtain wall-KXG

The conventional size of architectural glass is 2140 * 3660mm, 2440 * 3300. If it exceeds this size, we consider it to be an oversized glass. The larger the size of the glass, the more difficult it is to process. As shown in the picture below, it is difficult to process or transport 6m long insulated glass. (You can also watch our video: Jumbo oversized insulated glass IGU packaging)

Jumbo sized insulated glass(IGU)

KXG(Kunxing Building Glass Factory) is a reputable glass deep- processing corporation in China. We are at the forefront of Chinese glass product processing industry in items of research and development of glass products processing, manufacture, marketing and service. We have the international high technology production lines and advanced manufacturing equipment’s. We can not only manufacture regular size glass, but also customize Jumbo size tempered glass, jumbo size laminated glass, jumbo size insulated glass and so on according to customer requirements.


KXG jumbo size insulated glass