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The nobles in the curtain wall of glass doors and windows

  • Source:INTERNET
  • Release on:2021-06-18

It has its own unique beauty. As a special synthetic material, glass is neither simple, thick and natural like bamboo and wood, nor is it like metal with a strong sense of the times, nor is it like the steady and solemn concrete and stone. However, glass material has its own unique charm. It is crystal clear, bright and gorgeous, pure and illusory, quiet, cold and full of vitality.

low iron tempered glass

Therefore, from the very beginning, he has become the first choice for designers and architects when creating the facade of a building. Coupled with the rapid development of doors, windows and curtain wall systems, they complement each other and can be described as the perfect CP created by nature...

In fact, in an era dominated by glass architecture, it is open, free, full of modernity and artistic sense. At the same time, it has a strong plasticity coupled with a vague temperament, and is often hailed as the "fourth form of matter."

Until the past two decades, with the continuous innovation of technology, the original incredible technology has become a reality. Ultra-white glass has a low self-explosion rate, consistent color, high visible light transmittance, good permeability and high technical content. White glass can also restore the true colors of objects almost perfectly, providing designers with rich design inspiration and an excellent material carrier for achieving effects.

low iron tempered glass

Ultra-clear glass generally contains less impurities, has a more uniform composition than ordinary glass, and is more stable in physical properties than ordinary glass. The self-explosion rate of ultra-white glass after tempering is about one ten thousandths compared with three-thousandths of ordinary tempered glass, which greatly improves the safety.

tempered glass

Ordinary glass contains a certain amount of iron compounds, which will lead to different degrees of green visual effects. The content of iron compounds in ultra-white glass is 10% or less of that of ordinary glass, which has the appearance characteristics similar to colorless crystal.Source internet)