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How to package glass transport is not easy to break

How to package glass transport is not easy to break


Glass packaging is divided into cartons, wooden boxes and sealed boxes. Because glass is a fragile product, it should be packed with special care. Our factory (KXG) will customize the packing form according to the type and quantity of glass. Next, we'll show you our factory's wooden box packaging!

What's inside the wooden crate package? Our factory wooden boxes are made of inspection-free plywood, and the four corners of the glass are protected by corner guards. Where the wooden box touches the glass, there are also soft rubber pads. It is only necessary to fill the wooden box with padding to prevent the glass from having space to shake. As long as the wooden box without shaking, generally will not break. There is also a desiccant inside the wooden box. If you have purchased glass, you may wonder what is the use of the plastic film inside the glass wooden box to pack the glass? Plastic film is very useful, moisture-proof, waterproof, so that the glass to keep dry.

There are also adhesive pads between the glass to prevent bonding between the glass. What is the use of the steel tape outside the glass wooden box? It plays the role of wrapping the box and bearing the weight. The sign sticker outside the glass wooden box reminds the direction of the glass surface.

Glass table tops are generally packed in cardboard boxes, as shown below.

There is also curved steel glass packaging, our factory also has special customization.Sturdy and safe, simple and environmental protection, moisture-proof and free from inspection, safe and stable load, you will be very relieved to leave it to us.